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This game is dead to me now.

This game, at it's core is awesome.  If you have the ability to play it.....IN JAPAN, CHINA, OR KOREA, go for it, it's a blast.

The game is a wonderful version of Final Fight type gameplay at the core, with customizable characters through their abilities.

The issue is that Nexon US tossed the financial plan that has been successful in the Asian countries and tossed it out the window.


Not only did they dramatically change the exp curve to level, which throws off the progression of quests as you level and turns any level past 20 into a grind fest, but they now just released their 'cash shop'.

The cash shop is for Avatar items, items that actually change your character's appearance.  In Asia, the idea of gameplay is for people to have multiple characters and multiple builds, as leveling isn't too intensive, but buying skill resets is kind of expensive.  The overall result is each person has multiple characters to play with, and multiple sets of Avatar items to purchase.

Nexon not only mucked up the exp table, but they made the aquirement of avatar items....RANDOM.  You only get to know that you're getting an item from your class.  So you will end up with very random items, and the result is everyone looking crazy and spamming for item trades.  The stats on said items are randomized as well, I might add.

So the result is a mess, and people that were hanging on will be leaving in dredges.  Don't expect this to be worth your time for several months to years until Nexon decideds to change things, if they ever do.


  • reploidxreploidx Member UncommonPosts: 320

    I just deleted the game myself. I noticed a huge grind when i was nearing 20, which means after that i knew i would be in for a ride. Now, i love this game, its different. But when you have to purchase completely random items for stat boosts, your better off not playing. Some quests have you go do PvP battles (i don't know about the 'epic quests' but i know normal quests have you do it) so if your going up against someone who can toss all this money away to get their avatar up to good stats and what not from the outfits, you should just quit and go grind. 

    Nexon is just milking people for their money, which i know is a business thing, but if your making people pay for stuff that helps your character out stat wise, it makes it unfair for those who want to PvP but can spend the money trying to get random items to make your character better. I'm not a PvPer, but it seems unfair for those who do.

    The only redeeming factor of this whole game is that its free and a good game to just sit down and button mash for awhile, but when you get to the third tier dungeons, it becomes a huge grind. Some might not think its so bad as me or others, but its there. Not to mention the lack of quests, there are a ton but a lot get greyed out way to fast. Or some are "go find this item in this dungeon" and you'll have to run the dungeon perhaps three to four time before getting them all. One quest for the sky tower collection had me run through at least 8 times before i got all the items, and i barely got any xp because it greyed out on me.

    So yea, this is one of the games that the cash shop will make the game a tad bit unfair, i'll just go back to playing DDO full time then.

  • AemiAemi Member Posts: 148

    Nexon America is just terrible with the way they handle their games and pricing. It seems to be run by children for children. Mabinogi is the only worthwhile game in their portal but they seem to ruin that from time to time.

  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566

    Id love to play the other versions but I tried reading guide on account set up for Arad Senki and wasnt able to log in. Are the skills and items in English or is it all in the native language?

  • KadiaKadia Member Posts: 30

    This game was really fun at first, but it turned into a grind and you get really sick of seeing the same dungeons same mobs same formation over and over again. I had most fun making new characters with different builds but yeah.. it got boring.

  • anjealous82anjealous82 Member UncommonPosts: 123

    YOu think thats bad. Try going to the free NX and see the trivial crap you have to go through. Fill out a survey and get free point. But wait fill out one more. The another and another and another and another. It goes on lik that.


    So nexon. Suck on it.image

  • mickeykikohmickeykikoh Member Posts: 29

    All i know is they fail on their customer support...  .>.<

  • blakeh579blakeh579 Member Posts: 8

    I stopped playing a few weeks ago myself. I started playing  rusty hearts and vindictis, both seem to be ran better than dfo

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