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Is this game even legit?

VryheidVryheid Member UncommonPosts: 469

The listed website,, just leads to a "coming soon" message, and the developer site is entirely in Japanese. Makes me why this game is advertised as "finished" when there is no information about it online and it's entirely impossible to download the player client.

Anyone know about this game?


  • zunstreezunstree Member UncommonPosts: 129

    Never heard of it, but i hope it turns out to be legit, sounds pretty interesting.


    I'm just going to assume that the Final status is a mistake for now.

  • xm522xm522 Member UncommonPosts: 117

    is there no Japanese site?

    it could be finished in Japan, and we could at the same time be blocked from entering the main site.

  • zunstreezunstree Member UncommonPosts: 129

    At the website, the ship on the right side of the page looks exactly like the original design for the scorpion battleship from eve online before it was changed. Not a great sign.




    Ah, found a twitter for the game.



    Also, news post



    Incidently, its from a chinese developer that just started up. So the language on the website is chinese, though there is an english button on the bottom right that switches everything to english

  • zunstreezunstree Member UncommonPosts: 129

    They also have Light of Altair listed on their product page, i cant find there name attached to that game anywhere else though. SaintXi was the developer for that game, and as far as i know it was only released through steam and other digital download services without any other publisher support. The product page lists SaintXi as both the developer and publisher.



    So it seems to me that the game is not legit, or is at least claiming models and products that arent their own. (Scorpion Battleship from eve, orginal model, and LoA itself.)

  • zunstreezunstree Member UncommonPosts: 129

    SaintXi has clarified that they are letting them use the back story for their game.

  • xif166xif166 Member Posts: 2
    I think this are SaintXi's Chinese outsourcers. is registered to SaintXi in the UK.
  • xif166xif166 Member Posts: 2
    It transpires Star Supremacy's developer, Barbily, is owned by one of the founders of SaintXi: Thomas de Rivaz [presumably 'Thomas Lu' on the Barbily site]. Not sure why he wants to distance himself so much from SSupremacy by pretending "a while back we allowed their company the right to use our backstory for a web based mmo as we liked the ideas they were comming up with" ... like a brand new company would license IP from an unknown indie studio.
  • RuinalRuinal Member Posts: 195

    Been playing the closed beta a few days now and having a lot of fun with it, so to answer the OP, yup it is legit ;)

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