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Any updates on this game status?

strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233

So its been a while...not a peep out of anyone playing.


So are there any people who play this game that could possibly give a recent update on the games status, how its all going what they like and dislike about the game.


Still curious about this one.



How about someone toss me some recent info...


  • strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233


  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 963

    The last time I played I was the only one online, and yes you can check and the game was so out dated, which graphic I could careless, but you fell through the world, it was really buggy , the server was laggy. I could go on, this game was made by a few people, and they had no idea what they where doing. I think it was highschool kids to be honest.

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