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looking for turn based rts

drivecdrivec Member UncommonPosts: 104

looking for a turn based army type  rts. games like warhammer or 40k.


id like a game where i can crete a full army right off the bat and no lvling involved.


  • Cpt_PicardCpt_Picard Member Posts: 300

    It's a bit queer but this may appeal to you


    Make it so...

  • drivecdrivec Member UncommonPosts: 104

    thx the game is warmer to what i am looking for then what ive found. but iam looking for bigger and more units. and preferbly none browser based

  • BarelyEinsteinBarelyEinstein Member UncommonPosts: 218

    Turn based real time?

  • Methos12Methos12 Member UncommonPosts: 1,242

    Turn-based real-time strategy? That's kinda an oxymoron.

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  • JuggerzJuggerz Member UncommonPosts: 76

    Total War: Shogun 2 with all DLCs is a sick turn based strategy game !!! 1 of the best!


    Civization 5 too!

  • pharazonicpharazonic Member Posts: 860

    Thanks for the laugh OP :D

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  • EvilChemistEvilChemist Member Posts: 105

    Turn based RTS lol.

    Battle for middle earth 2 - Might have some appeal. There is a campaign mode where there is almost a ready made army good to go before u actually battle. Then there is the traditional RTS mode. It's not really a resource management game so you might enjoy it a bit.

    Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - Similar to Heroes of Might and Magic but I like it a little better for some reason. It is a true turn based strategy game. It really puts the emphasis on the strategy part but it takes a while to build "Armies".


  • drivecdrivec Member UncommonPosts: 104

    never mind i found something i was looking for called vassel engine

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