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What happened to this game !?

d4bn3yd4bn3y Member Posts: 7

So i used to play this game on and off all the time, for the past several years. Last night after receiveing an e-mail about new content/dungeons. I decided to reinstall the client ass see what kind of improvements have been made.

Lo and behold another company ruined another decent game. This game used to be incredibly entertaning for a f2p game. I had several characters, and always wnated to try out new specs and build new classes, because there were so many options.

They have implemented a new race/gender combo that allows access to specific calsses based on what race you've chosen. Before your race was automatically assigned to your job/class.

After downloading and reinstalling this client last night, the Tutorial is gone, the classes suck, and the skills/abailities are all kinds of wonky. After 10 mins or so i figured out how to link my skills to my hotbar, but still couldn't figure out how to initaite them properly,. I made a Pagan(mage) and was able to fire Magic Arrow a whopping 1x time. i could not for the life of me figure out how to cast the spell repeatedly. After dying on the lvl 1 mobs for the next few minutes, i decided that they had destroyed this game, and uninstalled it.

Bottom line is, this game used to be a fun way for me to kill time with out having to pay any cash. Now it's completely awful and not even worth the bandwidth to dpwnload the client.

Very disappointed to say the least...



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