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Has the game been fixed?

KyllsynKyllsyn Member UncommonPosts: 108

I played Allods back in open beta, liked what i saw then got  call from a friend saying they needed a sturdy tank on wow so i started playing wow again. @[email protected] My wow days are now over and i'm just wondering in all the major flaws are fixed or currently being given the attention they deserve. This was a very well-built MMO with amazing standards that almost surpass any Free-to-Play game ive seen in awhile.( I'm talking about MMOS that were made to be free to play even though originally there was going to be a subscription on the game, which was later on voted against.) Anyway, things i'm wondering are.....


- Has the game content been fixed? ( i know they're releasing new update this spring which looks fantastic.

- Have they made the game more sturdy with-out constant usage of the cash shop?

- Does the Allods community still stand as sturdy as it did when the game was finally released on a scale 1-10 with possible comment explaining it?

If you could answer these questions i would be very grateful. I plan on playing this till SWTOR is released. @[email protected]


 Thank you again.


  • steelfinsteelfin Member UncommonPosts: 121

    well my one comment on community is that:


    after like a full year being inactive, i'm still in my guild (so not expelled which is hard to believe) and all members are inactive or you  could say that they're all offline during peak hours.

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    The Gipat patch killed about 3 quarters of the player base. Increased xp required, made cash shop mandatory etc. Now it's a bit better, but player base has not really recovered much, on the contrary. Many of the older players that stuck around affter the Gipat disaster are bored out of their mind and quiting. Some still hanging around waiting for the next patch.

    There is an influx of players, but Tensess remains mostly dead, Nezeb seems to have a bit of life left in it but it looks like this game with amazing potential was effectively killed by a greedy cash shop.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    If you'd go back after the Rise of the Gods patch you'll find that cash shop requirement is considerably reduced when compared to the dreaded Gipat patch. Many players actually play end game without ever having paid a dime. It is quite possible these days. Lvl cap is 47 now, and with reincarnation available there is even more to do. If you haven't played in a year then I guess you're lvl 40 max. You'll have quite a bit of levelling to do and lvl 45 and 46 require some serious work.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • tochicooltochicool Member Posts: 153

    I was FIXED ages ago.

    The only problem I can see is there still aren't enough people playing the game ,in the EU server, but Novograd is more full than I have ever seen.


  • KusariyaroKusariyaro Member Posts: 12

    Ima just say this about eu servers:

    Healers and Paladins;

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    Originally posted by Kusariyaro

    Ima just say this about eu servers:

    Healers and Paladins;

    They're OP and getting nerfed some more next patch. That's how it goes...

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • WarzodWarzod Member UncommonPosts: 468

    I hated the fact that they made it so any class could look like any other class. Just pop a costume on an hurray, all the hard work someone else put in to collect that look, you get for free. When I saw summoners walking around looking like they were in the paladin plate I logged off and done.

  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please do not necro old threads.



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