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Free Screenwriting software.

VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

first off sorry ive been gone so long but i was in the hospital for about 2 weeks.....

but now im back.

and me and my friend want to make a movie but we dont have screenwriting software......

please help me find some screen writing software........ free.......

thanks in advance


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  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Windows Movie Maker if you have XP.

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  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378
    WB dude ain't seen Kurt Cobain in a while image Hope all is well health wise. Sorry nothing to offer but a welcome back image

  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Windows Media Player is very good, considering it's a free program. I love it.

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  • metalfoxusmetalfoxus Member Posts: 805

    Notepad and/or Word.

    For god's sake you are just screenWRITING! I though even you could figure that out.

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