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Time waster?

schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

I've been looking for a F2P mmo while I wait for BF3/GW3 and thought this game looked interesting...


From what I can see, the item shop is extremely terrible0like $10 for a mount? 


How much do people gennerally invest into the game to play it cassualy?

And as for as PVP goes, Battlegrounds?

Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
Trying out: Age of Wushu
Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar


  • comrademariocomrademario Member Posts: 98

    Casually you don't have to pay anything to play to end-game. You'd need to invest time to get gear + runes, but it's very doable and people have done it.


    PvP is non-existant until around level 24, where you hit contested zones like Asee Teph (which is one of the best PvP zones I've ever come across), but it kinda lags again from then until you get into Astral conflicts, Melting Isle battleground and the Arena of Death at high levels.

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    Item Shop is Item Shop, it's not cheap but you can actually do without it. You'll be tempted to buy stuff and it will make life easier. The game overall is quite good, end game = gear grind however, you have been warned. Read up on fatigue, you don't want to waste much of that.

    I can't really complain about any lag whatsoever. I used to lag really really hard in raids until I decided to ditch my 7 year old machine for something at least semi-decent. The game does crash from time to time with the latest patch. Before Rise of the Gods I crashed maybe once a year, these days not a week seems to go by without a crash.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

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