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Is this game worth playing

angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
My frend plays this game and says it's really fun but theres only like one quest [not sure if true] my other frends disagree and they think it will be bad so back to the question is this game worth playing apologies for the grammarimage


  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123

    yes it is worth playing.....ive been playing this game for a long regrets...its a good game ::::28::

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
    So in saying that this game is p2p? cuz my frend said its free plz clear up. sorry for grammar againimage
  • SintressSintress Member Posts: 2
    Its ok if you dont mine the Hackers, Steals, Dupers, & Creaters and NO I Mean No Help from the MU Staff
  • SilverShadeSilverShade Member Posts: 20
    no dont play it. the graphics r awsome but u get no help all u do is fight. no misions or quests...if u get GW or WoW this game will get old very fast. its good at first since my friend was adicted to it for like 4 days and then he just forgot about other words the game aint worth playin

    The Shade

  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    hey MU has its own is when ur lvl 150...u can start the quests...u will find scroll of emperor and tear of elf.....u will find them in every map of the game..

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • kouradaskouradas Member Posts: 2

    guys this game is the worst game ever ...i played the best server ...i think its called global.

    it really so boring


  • max001max001 Member UncommonPosts: 95
    If free then there is some worth in it. This is game is too old to be P2P


  • psiburnspsiburns Member Posts: 13
    this game is a piece of garbage for real
  • MaxximusMaxximus Member Posts: 74

    I really hate bashing games. I watched a friend play it for about 45 minutes about 2 weeks ago.

    Ummm, let's say it was perhaps 20 minutes too long for me to have watched. I got the "idea" pretty quick.

    Best of luck to them!


    -- The Maxx

  • SnowGhostSnowGhost Member Posts: 24
    I would say that this game is worth playing.. One of the best free games i've played ever :D

    Check out

  • HashmanHashman Member Posts: 649

    You get what you pay for.

  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163
    why do u guys hate MU? could u give us some reason why u dont like about the game or some specific part or graphics or settings that dont like about the game? personally i like how i personalized my chracters it really looks good and looks like real..well i know that we all have our own taste when it comes to game, just respect others opinion,,

    dont u dare start playing MMORPG unless u want to be hooked

  • GGGvfunGGGvfun Member Posts: 12

    All i can say is that "i wont!"


  • Stratus8Stratus8 Member Posts: 173
    MU IS total trash and not worth anybodies time. At least play Knight Online or Anarchy Online as alternatives image
  • RibikeRibike Member Posts: 5

    No this game is cool BUT DON'T PLAY IT ON GLOBAL!! GLOBAL SUX. The global is the official server, and everyone else stole it, and they did good that they steal it. There are lot of servers woth more xp more items. It is not boring on a 1000x xp server. And if u get to the max level u get reseted, keep the statpoints items, and get xp again. It gets realy fun when u have around 10-20 resets and starts PvP. Get the best items, hunt for golden dragons for unique items! Trust me is is good game. Just don't play on Global !!

  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    i agree with u Ribike..i never play on global..i am playing MUkidz and i really had a lot of fun..stuffs are good and im in a guild right now...our guildmaster gave me a set which is all excellent + 11..i have an energy elf and a dark lord..i also played on MU test before which is also free, it was great coz all the sets are already in a high + experienced was doubled and so as the zen, it was easy for me to get my wings way back was really fun, just dont play on global..

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • poodle92poodle92 Member Posts: 12

    Well, I would say MU online is one of the best free online multiplayer games I played: good graphics, good detail, nice weapons and arms... I played Gunbound, Maplestory, GunzOnline, World of W@rcraft, CS:source, and some other games... But really, MU is pretty good to me. HOwever, I am almost getting tired of it already. Would recommend to my friends. For those who say that MU online is thrash, you are a lousy noob gamer who doesn't appreciate games, so dun come to this forum and dump all your noob remarks in this pro area. Get it? *I bet you are CRYING now...*



  • DeRubenDeRuben Member Posts: 80
    I Sure think it's a good game, but comparing to GW, It sucksimageimage


  • DeRubenDeRuben Member Posts: 80
    I Sure think it's a good game, but comparing to GW, It sucksimageimage


  • doyneydoyney Member Posts: 75
    there is only one word that can answer your question and it is..... NO! image

    Blah blah blah.

  • DeRubenDeRuben Member Posts: 80

    Originally posted by doyney
    there is only one word that can answer your question and it is..... NO! image

    You gotta be kiddin' me, i really like it, but GW is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH betterimage


  • HatorianHatorian Member Posts: 164
    Personally I played this game. I got bored when I reach level 50. Gosh at level 50 I began to grind that suck isnt? Well a friend told me to play on private servers like MUkidz, MUmax, Philippines, Israel, etc.... well I found my game on MUkidz jewel drops are great and they give much higher exp. compared to global.

    Im Amazed..... NOT!!!

  • difancerdifancer Member Posts: 18

    it depends... if your a free freak that like korean game that only intend intense grinding. well its your game. if you like to quest. and have a lots of fun. its not your game lol.


    The concept is really perfect. but it stop there. you freebie leecher should try to gather some money and buy good games. Free games are never ever the best.

    i got every mmorpg that was made. Try WoW to play for a long time. or if you like single player game. then try Guild wars. its a Multiplayer RPG. one of its kind. really good story. finished it long ago. the pvp is no good (my opinion). but the rest is cool. i know that a lot of people like the pvp in GW. but BLEH. i would pvp on Wow instead lol. or even quake 1



  • erudaeruda Member Posts: 17
    What's not to like about this game?  You got quests, you got the constant killing of monster everywhere, you can PVP, and of course the big plus of it all.....IT"S FREE!
  • ZeroDepthZeroDepth Member Posts: 142

    Apart from the graphics, too much level grinding and a lack of quests.

    I played on a non P2P server with high rates, but it still was boring killing the same monsters over and over again.

    I only saw 2 quests in the game, for upgrading your classes, and 2 events, one was Chaos Castle and the other I forgot.

    Better alternatives are Ragnarok Online (non p2p servers), Anarchy Online (free and has some free expansions), and World of Warcraft ultimately (p2p $15 a month) with little level grinding, but long raid quests.

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