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i want to try again

F3rretsF3rrets Member Posts: 61

I want to try eve again i have a list of questions


1.What's the deal with the monacle BS that everyone was complaining about


2. what are the main issue that eve vets/players/others say is wrong


3.people keep saying how incarna was so bad why?


4. is this game still worth playing?


5.has train gain increased since the dominion expansion (as in takes less hours/days/seconds


6.How is the population on average?


7.Should i start fresh im pretty deep in amarr training with a few million isk but i never really liked amarr ships


thanks !!!


  • RefMinorRefMinor Member UncommonPosts: 3,452
    Started a few weeks ago myself.

    1. Vanity cash shop

    2. Lack of space fighting updates

    3. Its a room,you are alone in it, takes a better computer to run than the rest of game

    4. It is essentially the same game, I am enjoying myself, you may or may not

    5. I don't know

    6. About 37k peak EU evening time when I log in

    7. That one is up to you, you could just start training other ships and keep the skills you have
  • F3rretsF3rrets Member Posts: 61

    thanks for the reply bro, im curious again so this vanity shop you got a link to it


    or mind telling me if theres any harmful cashop items or is it just cosmetics ONLY?

  • RefMinorRefMinor Member UncommonPosts: 3,452
    Cash shop is in game, it's just vanity gear.

    Do a trial, then decide whether to continue with the trial or restart your old character
  • blazin-aceblazin-ace Member Posts: 302

    1) The main complaint with the cash shop was a fear of pay to win item sales being introduced and the snobbery of the advertising. It's just vanity right now however no one thinks it will always stay that way and people are watching what the company does rather than says.

    2) Flame war risky here. I’d say in a nutshell, that it has been two years since CCP really focused on space ships in their expansions and several balance issues have arisen. There is a real desire for more fresh content. Real money transactions in some areas…

    3) … Err… It was a technically unpolished room that burned some people’s graphics cards out and looked rather bland while replacing a much more useful, faster, hangar interface and killing ship spinning. On the plus side it did screw with some people’s multi-boxing in a bad way.

    4) From experience, I am coming to the conclusion that once you leave a game behind you shouldn’t look back to it for fun. However, your mileage may vary…

    5) There are no learning skills now. You have a preset package of skills that you start with and they train at a slightly faster rate of speed when starting but kind of balances out with the old at the high end skill levels.

    6) Same as always. Trust no one fully and expect the worst to keep yourself on the plus side. 

    7) Well, “I think” your old character would get a skill training boost when you resub. Long term, race makes little difference as you can train to fly what you want. But it certainly does at the start of your career as not all races ships perform equally at the same tasks and it can take a while to cross train. It depends on what you want. 


  • KomandorKomandor Member Posts: 272

    Honestly, I think Incarna wasn't that bad.

    Keep on rockin'!image

  • F3rretsF3rrets Member Posts: 61

    now basically my main concern is if i should contiue on my 2 day guy which im having a decent time on doing my training and stuff or shold i contiue with me 3million maybe more skill point amarr



    are there any good amarr pvp ships?

  • CactusJackCactusJack Member UncommonPosts: 393

    in response to the OP....


    1. vanity items at the moment only. We will see if that happens. IN my experience, that is not the case, but CCP has to know from all the negative feedback what that type of decision will be. We are all watching this.

    2. too open ended question. Some say too many Cap ships, some hate wormholes, so hated Incarna, some hate low security/null sec soverignity game mechanics...pick your poison. Ask a more specific question for a more specific answer.

    3. again, it's open to interpretation to each player. It was a bit meh, to me..but not horrible. It was FREE, like all the other expansions, so I try and temper my complaints with that in mind. If I get fed up, I'll move on.

    4. that's up to you. It is to me, and many others.

    5. I believe you get more starting points, and a faster training rate to start. I don't really care about that at this point in my career in EvE. All of my skills generally take over 2 weeks no matter what  I train. EvEMON is your friend. Try not to think in terms of MAXING out skills, but becoming proficient in a flavor or even a specific ship. I'll take an experienced pilot in an interceptor with all LvL IV's over a rookie with a purchased character with all maxed skills.

    6. I usually log in after 8 p.m. on week nights and occasionally on weekends. There are usually 24-30k people online on EST time. Many more on weekends. Tbh, i've never really cared about this as long as the people I play with are online. Playing solo is a quick way to start hating EvE.

    7. be more specific. Does your previously trained Amarr character have most of those sp in support, i.e Engineering for cap regeneration, etc? Or are they all in gunnery for lasers, and spaceship command for Amarr frigs/cruisers? If you dislike Amarr ships and have all in Amarr sp cmd, then yes. If not, all characters need Engineering skills, so make that choice for yourself.

    make sure you create your new character first and transfer all of your goods then biomass your old toon if you go that route.

    Good luck in your choice.

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