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Are Movies Getting Worse?

Be honest, how many times have you gone to a multiscreen theater complex and just stood there, looking up at the marquees, trying to decide which movie sucked the least?

And today's movie going experience is no joy itself. To all the moviegoers out there who think the term "talkie" refers to them, shut your blathering pie hole. Okay? Just because coincidantally the first time you ever told the actor up on screen "Dont go in there" the actor didn't go in there. . . that doesn't mean the actor actually heard you, okay. It would have happened anyway. I can guarantee you nowhere in the film's script does it say "Jerk off in the audience who everybody hates decides what happens next. " All right? So just sit back, stuff your fat face with popcorn, and watch the film.

And what's with the dancing candy film they run before the movie starts, huh? If the candy can dance, and, for that matter, play the trumpet, why should I get up, go to the snack bar, and buy the candy? Why can't it walk down the damn aisle and meet me at my seat , okay? Let's go, goobers, put down the trombone, come here, and let me eat you. And can't we get a condom on that hot dog that jumps into the bun, for Christ's sake , okay?

And why is it that the Coke costs more then the tickets? You see, that's how they get you. They serve you a cup of Coke so large, Ted Kennedy could drop a damn Oldsmobile into it, which means halfway through the movie you're so bloted you have to step outside for twenty minutes of dialysis, which means you have to come back the next day and see the movie again to find out the part you missied.

And unless the movie I'm watching contains more X's than Dick Weber's bowling score sheet, the floor should not be sticky. Okay? I've been to some theaters where before you sit down you have to decide where you want your feet to be throughout the movie, because once you set them on that floor, that's where they're at, okay. And at the end of the movie it's just easier to step out of your shoes and leave them behind.

I leave a movie now, I'm in the lobby buying T-shirts, coffe mugs, videos, beach towels, and Willem Dafoe bendable, live-action figures. You know, the only part of the movie I'm not buying is the plot.

And that leads us to the films themselves. These days, by the time a story is actually made into a movie, it has been passed around like a goatskin flask at a Blu Oyster Cult concert. The script has been exposed to more seconhand guessing than schizopherenics week in Jeopardy!

Instead of twenty independent films coming out each year that make us feel guilty because we cant watch them all, save us the hassle, make one huge movie. If there was one big film about a retarded chain-smoking burn victim who crashed his plane in the desert then has a nervous breakdown after trying to learn how to play the piano and eat french fried potaters at the same time so he moves to Fargo, North Dakota, and befriends a young boy by stuffing his abusive stepfather into a wood chipper and then at the end of the film he is shown the money?

On Time? On Target? Never Quit?


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    It is either that, or you are getting brighter...or you are unable to find the good movies now and you where at a younger age.


    Your call. image

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Didn't Dennis Miller cover this ten years ago?

    "Whoever controls the media controls the mind..-'Jim Morrison"

    "When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out." ~Abbie Hoffman

  • BadhawkBadhawk Member Posts: 203

    No they aren't getting worse. Look at Star Wars 3, War of the Worlds, and Sin City. All 3 damn good movies came out in the past 6 months. Infact, I think in some respects they are getting better. The epic battles in beautiful special fx are amazing, and with technology, they can get more artful shots and pans, etc.

  • angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
    u seem pretty negative about movies i like watching movies to tell you the truth mabe ull lern 2 appreciate it 2 someday mabe u just been watching 2 many bad movies image
  • VercadesVercades Member Posts: 1,065

    I was once trapped in the belief that movies are only getting worse and worse as each year come by but, I noticed that each movie made is just different in its area.  I mean not everyone will understand the movie the same or interpret it.  What I think is gold could be stinking rat poop to others, thats what life is all about, when you really think about it..... well kinda. :)

    But, if I look at every movies caliber based on the box office report I'm likely to never go and see at least one movie cause there's always going to be another new movie out there that'll tempt you.  Whenever I feel the movies are worsening, I try something different and I wouldn't normally go to maybe it'll give me something fresh.  Hollywood can't do all the work for you, you gotta make up your mind someway or another, unless you want to become a critic. ;)

  • FilipinoFuryFilipinoFury Member Posts: 1,056

    I guess you guys didnt notice that Star Wars 3 had a pretty bad script and had a lot of cheap sleezy lines in it. War of the Worlds was good but it wasnt amazing. Now Sin City was accutally good. I find that a lot of older films seem to be much better. Like Full Metal Jacket and A Clock Work Orange. And the first StarWars.

    On Time? On Target? Never Quit?

  • lestat912lestat912 Member Posts: 26

    yes, there are those terrible few movies that have pointless already used plots that bore you out of your brain, but then again, there are those movies that push the envelope on movie making such as the lotr & matrix trilogy,butterfly effect,sin city,saving private ryan,the notebook,the avaitor,ray,saw,friday night lights,million dollar baby,minority report and star wars 1,2 and 3 jus to name a few(personal favourites that are great movies in there own right). movies like these make people go WOW, get there hearts racing, keep people captivated, and make people cry. you seem to have generalised alot of your points also as you you talked about the cinemas, i dont know where you live but it sounds pretty disgusting,lol. who cares about those gay adverts and promotions before a movie starts, there bulls.hit and everyone knows it. yea food and drinks at the movies are too high priced, sneak in your own from a near by place, if not, im sure u can wait an average of 2 hours to eat your next meal tubby.

    movies are not getting worse, they are just more varied.image

  • ironmicsironmics Member Posts: 2

    I think you're seeming to forget something man...there was bad movies in the 70's too!! Also you listed two movies by one of the greatest directors of all time, and probably the most famous movie trilogy of all time. Great examples man...It's not hard to come up with a comparable list of movies from recent times. LOTR takes care of the trilogy, and pick some movies directed by say Speilberg. I do agree there's a lot of good movies from the 60's-80's, but there's plenty of good ones these days. Sin City and Batman Begins are rapidly rising to some of my favorite movies ever, coincidently they both have ties to one of the greatest comic writer of all time. However, he also had some shit tacular movies i.e. DareDevil and Electra. Like all things in life there is good movies and there's bad movies.

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