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poll to see which games u like best ;)

flag78flag78 Member Posts: 11
imagejust a quick poll 2 see which games are best lovedimage


  • MenwMenw Member Posts: 38

    Out of all the choices I like the medieval genre more. The new D&D online game falls in that category. I pretty much like just about any fantasy game. D&D is the only game I'm anxiously waiting for this Summer. I can't believe people would like to see the upcoming Dark and Light game come out more than D&D. What the hell are they thinking? Do they know what D&D is? The designer's have made it clear that is doesn't stop with the new upcoming D&D release. They will keep on working on it and start a new project to create other D&D games. image

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    I tend to only play fantasy magic and sword type games. The only Sci-fi games I play have Star wars in the title image. Oh well  in those games I never use guns always swords or Light sabres...Don't like guns LOL...


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  • flag78flag78 Member Posts: 11
    yea me 2 i usually use swords aswell
  • angelwillangelwill Member Posts: 43
    Does medieval include fantasy if it does then im going with it but if it doesn't then mabe you should remind them of it lolimage
  • draeshnadraeshna Member Posts: 2

    nah i prefer new war ;)

    shooting people with guns or even better big bad ass rockets ^^

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  • VercadesVercades Member Posts: 1,065
    I like most any theme based games don't really like them any better then each other.  Just depends on how user friendly the interface of the game is, unless I want to fly an airplane I'll put that much effort into reading thousands of dials and knobs.  Just aslong as the interface isn't created by a super pc genuis that has never left his monitor screen ever since his birth, then I'm fine with it.image
  • Joel1120Joel1120 Member Posts: 624

    I am into Real Life/3D Virtual Worlds. I am an explorer and builder at heart and There gives me a canvas and lots of world to explore.



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  • HatorianHatorian Member Posts: 164
    I play RYL: Path of the Emperor it more of a medieval type of game. With castles and Wizards and fighting priest in it. Definitely medieval.

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  • JohnarkJohnark Member Posts: 901

    Damn you medieval lovers!  It's cause of people like you we keep getting repetitive fantasy medieval MMORPGs and have a complete lack of sci-fi MMORPGs!


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  • ClawsysClawsys Member Posts: 109
    I like Medieval Fantasy MMO
  • CactusmanXCactusmanX Member Posts: 2,218
    Modern day war, not like GTA of course, But I think it would be better if it were set in a alternate reality, some place like Earth, where it is familliar yet different at the same time

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  • hacprincehacprince Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I Like Fantasy Rpgs, and First Person Shooters the most....

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