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I recently won the contest as you well see, I am however worried about the emails to my personal inbox... when are they sent out?  and if they are already sent, could I receive another, I do not seem to be able to find mine : ) ,, and also, thanks so much for this!  I have betaed many games but this one really is getting me worked up > : )



  • DjinDjin Member Posts: 3,263 <--- he's the one you want to talk to.

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    What will he do next?
  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460 looks like someone finally decided to postimage

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  • convergeconverge Member Posts: 76
    he sure did



  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,919

    No need to be hostile lads  I think we the regulars have already said it in a few threads about loyalty not been rewarded  .

    Not that I would have gotten in anyhow since i am UK based  but kind of feel for the active guys that  qualified but did not get in.

    It was decided to be random and the luck of draw said no regulars/active members (since 1 winner said he surfs the site every day but does not post adding the active part) got in .So its fair and square .

    On the bright side  I seen 2 post from this guys  so it did boost the side ever so slightly .


  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890

    mybe we could bribe by sending in money to help with site......or other things muhahahah image

    but then again i don't want horizons..

  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    dont u get the email thingy in ur mmorpg email account as well?

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