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EA is so full of excrement.



  • DignaDigna Member UncommonPosts: 1,994

    Originally posted by alakram

    I just made this EA master account thingy. I had that undone for some time already and was curious after reading on this thread. It was a little weird to do but i managed to. What I find more confusing is I have no idea why I needed to do that. I linked my warhammer account with my master account, for what? can i link my dragon age account too? how?. It's a weird process and they dont explain you why you need to do that. Anyway, I dont understand why the OP got soooo angry, maybe he had a bad day.

     Yes you can link any EA account. I forgot that I had already set up my EA master account so it took a few minutes to 'sort out' emails and passwords and when I logged into the EA Master, I saw my Dragon Age account. It didn't take more than 5 minutes to get my WAR account functional again after I went back to the WAR account management.


    It is now (slowly) downloading the game client. I suppose my only 'grumble' was that while I am entitled to a free 'welcome back to WAR' 14 day access, they still wanted my credit card. *shrug*

  • vio1vio1 Member UncommonPosts: 64

    i saw all i needed ea master acct.. man it was such a fucking pain in the ass
    for some i guess.

    I play games just like you

  • FearGXFearGX Member Posts: 317

    OP comes across as a complete moron, people posting trying to help/explain and you quote them and act childish about it.


    You couldn't make a EA master account and don't agree with doing so and also don't agree with EAs practices, well same as me but I don't go make threads and act like a loony about it.

  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,183

     after looking at how many different accounts i have for EA games... I am very very glad to have them all under one roof. It is something like 8-10 different accounts. the EA master account is bloody brilliant in my mind.


    It also promotes you to behave... Because they ban master accounts too.. And then you loose ALL  accounts connected to that one.

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