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A "new" F2p MMo suggestion

quentin405quentin405 Member Posts: 468

 Hey everyone.. I just started playing Luvinia from outspark.    http://luvinia.outspark.com/community


Its a semi cutesy anime style isometric view type game.  Its pretty casual and just deep enough to be interesting.. Im not trying to sell it as an awesome game but it just opened. Late in the day on Sep 7th so you would be starting with everyone else, there are promotional mounts available on this site and others ( a tiger or a bunny, depends on the site)

 Its pretty addicting to me, going to play it until TOR releases. Just thought I would post it here since there is no forum for it here yet. Also the cash shop isnt stocked yet so I cannot comment on the "pay to win" factor.. 


So if your looking for a casual little mmo check it out, Im also finding the community is pretty good in my experience.. its kind of expensive to use world chat (it costs ingame coins not RL money) So there are no spammers or gold sellers (yet).  


( again I am not saying this game is amazing, or ground breaking, but I am pretty picky on the mmos i invest time in, and i am having alot of fun so far, just passing it along to anyone who is looking for a game to play. Its always fun to start when the server just opens..)




  • ShadowVlicanShadowVlican Member UncommonPosts: 158

    what sets this game apart from all the other korean mmos

  • TriadninjaTriadninja Member Posts: 111

    More cute anime chicks and BAMF anime guys fighting in a WoW-style game made by the koreans. Sorry, but if I want to play a Korean-made game, i'll go play Aion.

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