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AION - Is it on the edge?

Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165

I'm a bit concerned with what is hapenning with MMO's. Indeed i enjoy aion a lot, but i starting to think that this nonsense of update to patch 3.0 is bit strange.

In my opinion, this patch is allready completed long ago, but marketeers are crushing our way to get it. 

I hope they-ncsoft remember that aion isn't already a new game, even with all those great features, much above those toony.

Everyday I watch people leaving the game, thinking one day will return, maybe on the 3.0, but than they come back earlier just to enjoy a couple of hours.

Is this an edge ending or an evolution?

Wish we could have some kind of an answear, it would be great. ^^




  • KenFisherKenFisher Member UncommonPosts: 5,035

    If there's a patch done and not released, some of the delay might be due to timing hoping to gain a market advantage.


    If their concern is losing players to competition, possibly GW2 and SW:TOR the two hot releases coming out, then they might opt to release a content patch after those two with the hopes that they could regain players.


    Not an answer, and just a guess.

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  • pedrostrikpedrostrik Member UncommonPosts: 396

    Right now its only bad old crap style mmo's available to play , RIFT included, and after all of them AION with its mistakes its still the best one, but MMO's genre really needs GW2 out fast!

  • Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165

    I agree with both.

    But, will be something really great on aion 3.0? Or just old fashion update.

    But of course, we'r all hoping and expecting something huge from GW2.

    Just waiting... zzzzzzzz

  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Member UncommonPosts: 1,168

    Im still playing Aion and it appears to be doing well. 2.7 patch comes out shortly but IMO its not that exciting. My issues (IMO) with Aion are:

    1. PVP still sucks buttzits as you can still be 2-3 shotted by twinks and Players that have nothing better to do.

    2. NcSoft will not ban speed and proc stone hackers. You still find the occasional bot gatheing resourses.

    3. Sometimes hard to get a group for higher level campaign quests.

    4. Legions need to be less restrictive when bringing new players in. Requiring certain gear or levels to be able to join might turn off a new player.

    Other than that the grind is alot less and making money is a bit easier.

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  • shane782shane782 Member Posts: 23

    Am i missing something....AION best mmo out? I liked the whole aspect of it but it was just like anything else as far as combat only alot slower. The combat was really slow. To each there own i guess

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