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Assassin's Creed Revalations

TwysonTwyson Member Posts: 7

So, after 3 games of unanswered questions, do you think Ubisoft will really be able to put it all in to one game? I would personally say "Yes, i believe they can" if the release date was not pointed towards this November. I've read a lot about the game and what it promises to introduces and re-introduce, but can they pull it off in time? And if they do, will it be true to the designers words? I've also heard the main city is to be Constantinople, will it be as visually stunning as it is supposed to be?



  • christ78christ78 Member Posts: 9

    The good thing about ubisoft is that they maintained the quality of their games under the banner of assassins creed. Really like this games and love the stories twist and turns. I think they can pull it out. More power to ubisoft.

  • storm98storm98 Member Posts: 5

    I am expecting this, hope they will not let my expectation down knowing the game presents a good storyline and unique gameplay. The time of Exio really rocks, knowing leonardo is his engineer. Hope I can buy the game when it comes out.

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