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Capes Question!!

RandycatRandycat Member Posts: 64
Once you've designed and paid for a guild cape, can you go back and change it? Does it cost the same amount of money??


  • BfkenjiBfkenji Member Posts: 48
    It costs the same 2plat to alter the look of your cape, so choose your cape design wisely.
  • tablotablo Member UncommonPosts: 40

    ya bf is right choose wisely::::01::

  • rfendtrfendt Member UncommonPosts: 21

    Yes, you can change the cape and it does cost 2plat each time, but when you get further into the game, that is not really a problem.  Money comes a lot easier then.  Also, hit up you guild members for $$$ for a new cape.

    20 members X 100g = New Cape image

  • XzaroXzaro Member UncommonPosts: 1,719

    2 plat comes easily after u play for a while.


  • DraghmarDraghmar Member Posts: 3

    Yes 2p isn's so much if you play for some time...When you arrive to LA 2p will propably be quite normal amount ;)


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