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Shadowbane NEW player Event!!

TooL-D-TooL-D- Member CommonPosts: 126


New to Shadowbane and looking for a little help with general questions about your character or gameplay? If so, this Saturday you might want to create a new character and join members of the Advocate Team as they help new players learn the ins and outs of Shadowbane.

When: Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
Time: 1pm Central (11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern)
Server: Redemption
Hamlet: Kestamir

By: Ashen Temper


  • Maverick827Maverick827 Member Posts: 71
    I look foreward to seeing some new faces there! image
  • Micky_FinnMicky_Finn Member Posts: 2
    what new players?


  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    Originally posted by Micky_Finn
    what new players?

    The current number of subscribers for shadowbane is in a pretty sad state right now, but you have to give them credit for actually trying something new that might get some more players into the game. I might just activate my Oblivion key that I have had sitting around since Christmas, just to get involved in this game again.

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  • TooL-D-TooL-D- Member CommonPosts: 126

    Originally posted by Micky_Finn
    what new players?

    I still see totally 100% NEW players every single day. Most of them quit before they get off the newbie island because its such a harsh enviroment.

    Not everyone has tough skin ya know, alot of people want to play easier, non-open-pvp games like WoW or FFXI.

    Hell I ALWAYS find a group on newbie island, you just have to know what camps are popular.

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