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Do you like Role-Playing?



  • anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 194

    Originally posted by BarakIII

    Originally posted by anothername


    Acting, roleplaying... there are similarities and roleplaying usually consists of a bit of acting. But then again... you can give Vin Disel a D&D character sheet and he creates "the great elven warrior princess" and that will work, but you could never give him the same role for on-screen acting. Also, he descides the next moves, motivations etc for his elf character, his creation; as Riddic he represents a figure from a story writer and acts accordingly with a bit of his style as input. The roles are more or less reversed as in that in Riddic he is the char played by the Storywriter. Who could be a she, and never be able to play the role herself nor wished to (pure example, I have no Idea who Riddics writer really is and am too lazy to google it right now).

    The motivations behind what he plays doesn't matter, in both cases he's playing a role and both are therefore roleplaying. I guess some people want to believe what they do around a tabletop is something special and different and therefore the term used to describe it should be special and different, but there's really nothing special behind the word. It's a simple word with a simple definition. It's the people and the enjoyment that makes the roleplaying around a tabletop or anywhere else special, not the word.

    A P&P "roleplay" game is different to acting "roleplay" & I already explained why. Is it special? Only in thats different. After all its just playing a game, not earing money as professional actor.


    It's the people and the enjoyment that makes the roleplaying around a tabletop or anywhere else special, not the word


    Totally 100% agreement :)

  • FrauleigneFrauleigne Member Posts: 3

    I got to do things that I'm not able to do in real life - like, errr, flying? LOL. And I'm a bit shy irl that's why I prefer MMORPGs. It's where I can 'try' to bemyself without the fear of socializing. >.<

  • kashiegamerkashiegamer Member Posts: 263

    yes! I like playing the cool, quiet toon that helps other players when they are in need of help. :)

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  • rfernan9rfernan9 Member Posts: 27

    I love role-playing but I won't do it in real life. But I love doing it in games because here you can be what you wanted to be and do what you want to do. Real life doesn't need trial and error, once you got an error you can not erase or replace it. That is why these games exsist, to overcome what you can't do in real life.

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