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 Anyone who  wants  to  try  this game  click  my  profile  and  e-mail  me  or  post on the  forum.  My  in-game  name is  AssClown.  If you  have  any questions  or  problems  ill try  my  best to answer  and fix them.  if  you  want to  play with  me  you  need  to  go to  www.skybladeelite.com not  www.skyblade.com.ph.  Elite  is  the  international  server.  My  sect group  is  named  Enfant hit  me  up if  you  would  like  to  join.


  • xakkxakk Member Posts: 4

    also if u need help and assclown isn't on my char name is Xakk

  • genesis042genesis042 Member Posts: 1

    plzzzzzzzzzzz teach me how to download this game i cant find the download link ^^

    plz pm me fb genesis042_cuyos@yahoo.com

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