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Official Forums opening today

JatarJatar Member UncommonPosts: 348

Due to popular demand we are opening the official forums for the game at today.  This does not change anything about this forum, we will still occasoinally monitor the community here to see if there are any questions you want answered, but we invite you to stop by our website as well.  

See you there.



  • sayuri2006sayuri2006 Member Posts: 161

    Hello Jatar,

    It is exciting to finally have the forums up and running. I'm sure alot of us understand the passion and hard work that all of the COS team have put into this game and we look forward to seeing how the game is progressing.


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 33,570

    Just found the COS forums, very nice, I salute you!

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  • RuarqRuarq Member Posts: 2

    I am really looking forward to this game. The potential is endless.

  • mhoward48mhoward48 Member UncommonPosts: 99

    I tried to register in their forums. But the code you imput, (to make sure your not a bot ) to complete the registration kept coming back fail. The characters are not very clear, and kind of bleed off of the side, so your not sure if it is a 8 or a 3.

  • RohnRohn Member UncommonPosts: 3,730

    I've been following this game for a while.  Some really great ideas that I hope can be turned into reality.

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  • mhoward48mhoward48 Member UncommonPosts: 99

    I finally got to register. The game sounds very interesting. I hope they get a good publisher, and game engine for it. There are some aspects of what they are saying about the game, that makes it very appealing to me. I do wish them good luck and sucess with it.

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