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MMORPG vet, is GW for me?

RavenmgsRavenmgs Member Posts: 155

A few of my friends who I’ve been MMOG’ing for a while with have all seem to be gravitating towards guild wars. They are all talking about guild v.s. guild pvp and how their trap ranger pwnzors or their monk / warrior is da bomb and how their going to make a warrior / elementalist who will have insane dps. However, this is pretty much jibberish to me when I’m listening to them over ventrillo. I have been thinking about getting it, but I don’t want to spend another 50 bucks (I’m a starveling college student and artist so bare with me ;D) on a game I’m only going to play for 2 -3 months max. If someone could read over my past mmorpg experiences and tell me if they think GW would be enjoyable for me or not I would appreciate it.

I’ve been through Diablo/Diablo 2, EverQuest, Anarchy Online, and EverQuest 2. At this point, I haven’t played a mmo in about 6 months.

I really enjoyed Daiblo 2 because the atmosphere was generally hacker free until the big dupe fiasco, the thing that turned me on about it was the highly aggressive and competitive atmosphere. There was no real “community”, you just would hostile anyone anywhere and jack them in the face a few times and then go “lolerz111111” and spin off to a new game or enter Barb Duels or one of there more competition intense areas. I quit when the mass dupeing hit closed b-net.

EverQuest and AnarchyOnline both had similar appeals to me, I enjoyed the large raid atmosphere, leading raids, being the first to down the big new raid mobs with my guild and the first to be running around with the flashy new phats. AnarchyOnline had a element of PvP that wasn’t there in EQ1 (atleast not on the non-pvp server), the mass pvp and general faction and guild rivalry was very intense, I loved the drama between guilds and factions. I loved having mass pvp battles and coordinating troops and formations on tower raids. I quit because AO was buggy as hell and they refused to fix basic skills and had a growingly corrupt volunteer GM program. .

EverQuest 2 was kind of a snooze fest for me. There was no trouble to cause; there was no real intensity to anything. The worlds and characters were very detailed and great to explore and admire, and the quest / raid content was also allot of fun, but it never “hooked me”, do to the lack of having a solid community or having a competitive or intense environment. I managed to get up to 45 with my paladin and pretty well equipped, but I just had no urge to move on.

To sum it up, I like competition, strategy, flashy phats, drama, mass pvp, owning / building things on land, and extraordinarily challenging pvm (i.e. boss mobs that remain undefeated for long periods of time) and that’s about it.

Right now, I see guild wars as more of a Counter Strike only with some PvM thrown in for good measure and “less” twitch game play, which doesn’t turn me on allot. I played the beta weekends, but I don’t think I played it enough to develop a good opinion of the game.


  • quikbotquikbot Member Posts: 2
    sounds like a no, there is not much in the way of leet gear, if you play the game through you will have almost equivalent gear to the best in the game. there is maybe 100 hours of pve content. the game is basically for pvp and guild v guild endgame.


  • exanimoexanimo Member UncommonPosts: 1,301

    sorry , but thats not true ...

    i have 300+ hours and didnt finish all quest , im not in the hoh , and didnt get in one of those quests you can only get in when you have favor.

    im still missing all the best runes , witch will make my char way stronger then any pvp char.

    still so much too learn ... i know other games require life times , this one is not that far from those as people say ... the big diference is that most of the info comes with advancing in the game , you have no clue of the size when you get in .. so its normal for gamers that are used to get in a rpg game , the first merchent they see is like a huge endeless lists of everything ..

    this one comes slow , most items have a especific place to get it .

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