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Freedom for Stoneheight Community Competition Ends 31st August 2011

Freedom for Stoneheight Community Competition

Stoneheight was once a quiet town in the North Downs but unfortunately a band of warriors decided to take the opportunity to take over the town in the name of the darkness that is creeping into all areas of middle earth. Despite the brave townsfolk it is now overrun with orcs/goblins/wolves and many champions now guard this town oppressing the townsfolk to do their bidding. In the wider scope in Middle Earth the dark lord has drawn the once peaceful towns into conflict and little seems to be able to stop them. You are tasked by the locals to help free Stoneheight as fast as possible before more innocent women and children are sent for slave labour to help construct weapons of war that will be used to launch an assault on the free peoples of middle earth. So gather your band of warriors, load up on your supplies and prepare to do battle to free this town and claim a prize!

Welcome to the Freedom for Stoneheight Community Competition that is open to everyone on all servers.

So what is the competition? The competition will pit 3 person teams against each other with the goal of completing the instance as fast as they can from the first pull of mobs till the completion of the challenge. Teams will be required to take a screenshot as the first mob’s are pulled and a screenshot at the end when the challenge is completed by using the in-game time clock to confirm the timing. The top six teams will be invited to the final where they will be asked to film there run from the start of the first pull till the challenge is completed to accurately record the overall time with each team awarded a rank.

This competition has the following prizes bands and thank you to Turbine for providing them.

1st Place – Each member will receive a map of moria (sent to your home address free of charge. 500 Turbine Points Each

2nd Place – Each Member will receive 500 Turbine Points

3rd Place – Each Member will receive 500 Turbine Points

How do I enter?

You must e-mail two screenshots clearly showing your start time and finish time to honvik @ with the following info.




Name of Participants

If you are picked for the top 6 then you will be asked to video your run and upload it to youtube or another video upload website clearly showing the full run of the encounter from start till finish. We will review the times and present the top 3 and award the prizes accordingly. It is good to be prepared to have someone that can upload the video with easy and generally bandwidth should be ok once it is converted. The quality of the Video doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to show an accurate time.


- Players must submit the screenshot via the e-mail address given

- Players must not tamper with screenshots of Photoshop (I’ll be looking).

- Players in the top 6 will be required to video the run and not tamper with the video to ‘speed it up’

- The requirement to video the run is part of the competition to show that no cheating has occurred.

- Players may enter from any country in the world and prizes will be shipped via Royal Mail at the cost of me personally.

Please Note a 2nd Competition will be starting shortly (see other post) for a chance to win a copy of the Legendary Pack for Isengard! This will involve Twitter and entering info to a website providing the answer to a question.

Full info and updates below!&p=5596283#post5596283


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