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cash shop items

VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

do the cash shop items expire after a period of time or are they permanent?



  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    Some cash shop items have a timer on them, usually 30 days. The items that have timers on them are things like stat boost potions, incense, items to reset your stats and talents and scolls to remove curses or increase xp and such. So pretty much yes, comsumables usually have a timer. Things like crystal chips, costumes, mounts and such don't. You'll see it when you are in the items shop. If it has a duration on it, it will eventually expire. So use it or lose it.

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  • VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

    thanks, sounds reasonable

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