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NecRo297NecRo297 Member Posts: 3
  Help me...... I NEED to play MU Online (i like it). When i try to connect it says FAILED CONNECTIONimageimageimageimage PLZ help me.    imageimage thank you


  • einstien6991einstien6991 Member Posts: 2
    you loaded the full load the patch

  • X-GogetaX-Gogeta Member Posts: 21
    You already tried to install it all over again?


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  • swwayyyswwayyy Member Posts: 2
    i think you need to uninstll and reinstall the game.  image

  • IphicratesIphicrates Member Posts: 56

    ::::31:: I think u need to reinstall the game. Or download and install patch.

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    Mu online


  • NecRo297NecRo297 Member Posts: 3
     I Tried all that and nothing works....image.    Ohhh yeah i forgot my friend downloaded a hack "1 hit".image

  • StJimStJim Member Posts: 26
    If u r a friend of a hacker i aint going to help u!!! maybe you have veery crapy internet
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