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Girlfriend and I are going to play this - need some direction

KryptyKrypty Member UncommonPosts: 454

Hey guys - my girlfriend and I are getting a tad tired of Rift, and are basically burning time til GW2. I dabbled in original GW a long time ago, but didnt really have anyone to play with and bailed - well now she and I want to take a crack at racking up as much of the Hall of Monument stuff as we can. So just a couple questions...


What combo of characters/classes is a fun mix that can duo pretty much everything? Should we start on the original campaign or a newer one? Any other random advice/tips for us?


Thanks as always!


  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM Member Posts: 1,788

    Okay, first of all welcome to the game. Secondly, choose the profession you really like! They are all pretty balanced. Also: gw is famous for dual-class system. You choose your primary profession, for example Elementalist, and you can choose your second profession, for example Warrior. Primary profession cannot be changed but second one CAN! This allows you to get access to all prosible skills (There's over 1300 skills in gw!)

    How to start? Prophercies, Factions and Nightfall are all stand-alone champaigns, which means they have pretty much separate stories so its not story-immportant which one you start playing first. However, remember that not all classes are available in all champaigns. First choose the class you like and see in which chapaign it is available.

    If you don't care about class, people often suggest to start with Nightfall because you will get many heroes that you bring with you in party and makes your game easier. Factions is recommended if you want to quickly progress to max level and story, because it is the shortest of all, and quickly levels you up.

    When you choose one chapaign. Complete the main story and then I suggest to move on to Eye of the North because that is the main place to get most of the points for Hall of Monuments!

    What are your objectives for points in Hom?

    First check out this:

    Here's the list of everything you must achieve for points, also shows how many points you have now.

    What to collect: elite armors, elite weapons, miniatures, titles, hero armor, rare pets.


    All in all, I suggest you to complete the whole game (main story) in normal mode. Try to finish all primary objectives and bonus ones (within the main story missions) to get a few max titles from start. From there, you are free to do everything you wish. There's many things you can start doing from that point. It's all up to you, and remember don't give up. If you play regulary you can get 30 points in less than 3 months.


    Good luck!


    P.S. I forgot to mention. One character from any champaign can complete any other champaign, you don't have to make new characters! Many new players don't know that.

  • KryptyKrypty Member UncommonPosts: 454

    Fantastic - thanks for all the info. I also did some reading on the stickies so I think we have a good starting point.


    Thanks again!

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