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Star Wars: Epilogue - Online Adventures!


In this thread I grant you the possibility of exploring one of the most intriguing types of gaming, roleplaying, while being associated with the universe of Star Wars.

This roleplay is available not only for " text-RP* " lovers, but also for those who wish to enter a virtual gaming system based on a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game server which allows you to interact online with other players across the world!

Your options of character creation are nearly unlimited, and overseered only by a team of Staff members who serve for the purpose of not only aiding the newer members but also controlling the community's environment in order to keep everything friendly.

As part of the community's principles we allow players to partake in most decisions regarding the community, this includes our most recent discussion, the Plot - Era (timeline), Minor Factions and Other aspects.

The Server will be live soon after the first phase, gathering players and spreading the message.

If you want to partake in this project, you are welcome to do so HERE.


Thank you for your attention,


The Epilogue - RP Staff.


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