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how does pvp work?ffa full loot?

JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

i'm trying to get an idea of the main aim of this game, but i'm mostly interested in what the pvp is like. i simply cannot play a game that is focused almost exclusively on farming mats, crafting, selling, and building houses. i'm completely uninterested in making real money.


is there any point to pvp in this game? is it only in certain zones/worlds? is it ffa full loot? do you loose anything when you die? is it set up like EvE? or DF? is it only consensual (turning flags on)? is there any sort of asset destruction? how exactly does it work, and just what role does it have in this game?


  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    I dont have a pvp personality so havent really done alot of that aspect of the game.

    You might ask the same exact question here though,

    There are pvp areas, and lootable pvp areas. The lootable pvp areas usually have much more valuable PvE type loots which entice PvE players to hunt or mine there and provide fat targets for PKers.

    All of Space (except for right around the stations) is lootable pvp as well.


    I am sure you can get better answers than I can proved though.


    gl and have fun,


  • burkoburko Member Posts: 4

    Dont know about the new planets, but on amethera there is pvp, with no loot.

    On eudora there's pvp only in certain areas.


    There's 1 zone on both of the "continents" that you have pvp loot, the items you acuire in this zone, is lootable.

    So if you die you wont loose your armor or so.  It might be only stackables or all things you loot/get in there, dont really remember.

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