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Player-Created Treasure Hunting & Possibly why Player-Created content sucks.

I had an idea I was discussing with a friend playing Ultima Online, where a game would allow players to fill a treasure chest full of possessions and bury it in the game world. Upon burying it, a map would spawn in their inventory with the location, and they could choose to place the map in a dungeon (mob drop), give it away, or leave it somewhere (such as in an openable barrel in a city). Obviously this could easily be abused so I had the idea to limit it to requiring a minimum amount of gold (such as 10,000 gold to bury a chest) but could not come up with any valid reasons to allow players to do this. What would they gain? Why would it be implemented?

Funny enough, we discussed what it would be like if there were no restrictions, and I thought this was funny :P

This is why I think Player-Created-ANYTHING is a bad idea.


You squashed the giant troll, burned down the enchanted forest, and slew the Ancient Wyrm "Norklathael the Wise One", with your entire party slain and your best friends suffering permanent death and disowning you IRL, you stand before the Shining Epic Treasure Chest created for you by "GokuTwentyThreeYo", you open up the gold engraved box you sacrificed so much to obtain and....


As a point of discussion (if this thread needs one)...


Do you think player-created content is a good idea or a bad one? Do you think it only allows for crappy content, or the possibility of infinite quality content?



  • demonboxdemonbox Member Posts: 34

    i think player-created content/initiatives are always a good signs for a gaming comunity

    that doesn't mean that every player-created stuff has to be actually good per se .

    btw nice example hehe

  • UknownAspectUknownAspect Member Posts: 277

    Fact is, players aren't developers.  Take one look over into Little Big Planet player created levels and 98% of it is garbage.  People want player created content because everyone wants to feel unique and that they are creative and worth something.  Sad fact of life is that the grand majority of us are just cogs in the machine.  Otherwise you'd be a game developer, sorry.


    But that's not to say that player created stuff is worthless.  I really like playing and creating stuff.  I'm not great at it, but sometimes that inner innovater, however small, wants to at least try.  


    So yes, it's good if a game has player created content.  And the more different types the better.  But when it comes down to it, in order to be decent, someone with talent needs to be laying down the majority of the game's content.

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