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Poll: How hardcore of a fan are you and which side will you choose?

syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378

My friend and I are having a debate over where the hardcore Star Wars fans will go.  We both want to avoid the immature crowd and be closer to the mature crowd, so we guessed that the hardcore fans of Star Wars are more likely to be mature due to the age of the intellectual property.  He says the hardcore players will go towards the dark side like WoW PvPers did.  I say the truly dedicated players are pure and want to uphold justice with the Light side.


Which type of player are you?

Where do you think the mature crowd will be?  Do you think it has anything to do with how much of a fan someone is?


For comparison, I think someone who goes out of their way to attend a Star Wars event or movie, dresses up (including Hallowween) as a character from Star Wars, or has been called a geek by everyone they know due to their love of Star Wars constitutes a hardcore fan.  A mild fan has just seen the movies and/or played the games, but does none of the above.  A non-fan may have seen some of the movies, but hasn't taken the time to see them all due to the lack of interest.  A non-fan would likely be playing because their friends are.


  • Maj_ScienceMaj_Science Member Posts: 107

    hmmm, if this is any indication I think we might have to worry about there being enough Dark Siders to balance the Light side of the force...

  • shadow417shadow417 Member Posts: 170

    Originally posted by Maj_Science
    hmmm, if this is any indication I think we might have to worry about there being enough Dark Siders to balance the Light side of the force...

    We have been always lesser in numbers, but always stronger.

  • RegaliusRegalius Member Posts: 6

    I bet folks will pick one side or another for mains and roll the other side for alts. If the game is supposed to be so story driven , then people will play as many as they can . I think  no one who values the story aspect of the game will want to miss out on any of it.

  • lostkosslostkoss Member Posts: 149

    I plan on playing both sides and seeing all of the stories.

    Im on the low end of a harcore fan.


    I picked darkside hardcore, since there was no option for both.

    Darkside first due to the fact that I think It may be a little less busy at launch.




    I wanna force choke some fools !

    Have a sense of humor, no need to get ALL MODDY ! :) A Simpson's quote shouldn't be worth a warning. You are lucky anyone is bothering to read this rag.

  • mrshroom89mrshroom89 Member UncommonPosts: 224

    As is get later in the night the dark siders will come out and the votes will even out do not worry!


  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030

    Wait, there's a dark side in WoW?

  • Ebil_PiwatEbil_Piwat Member Posts: 208

    Sith players can't figure out how to post a poll image


    I wouldn't worry too much about faction balance via this poll results. Not all SWTOR players will read these forums, however, the poll should say Republic or Sith, as both factions can choose light or dark paths.

    Also the fact that Bioware removed Companion Charater death as too many testes went "hrmm.. can I?" I think dark side on both factions will be well represented.

    I plan on a Agent alt and am curious just how dark the adrk side options go. muahahahahhahahahhah

    SWTOR. Face it, in the Scooby Doo Mystery Solving Van of coolness, this game is Velma. In this current MMO climate it has about as much chance for survival as a group of inquisitive teenagers in a 1980s slasher flick. -Tardcore May, 2011

  • Maj_ScienceMaj_Science Member Posts: 107

    Hmmm, looks like I was indeed mistaken as the poll balanced itself out.  Not to mention the surprising amount of enthusiasm posters are showing for the dark side. =P

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