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I don't get this game...

ItilosItilos Member CommonPosts: 39

I've played this game off and on since the original launch, and I just can't get the hang of it.

I've played every class up to level 20, but very frustratingly. No matter what class I play, I do TERRIBLY.

Now, I'm not new to FPS or TPS by any standard. I'm pretty good (if I may say so) at TF2 and APB and love those games, but just can't get a hang of any class in GA. Every time I play, I just get rocked.


Any helpful advice or tips? Do I just suck? ><

Played: EQ1, EQ2, WoW, WAR, EVE, LotRO, AoC, RoM, FoM, CoX, PotBS, GW, SWG, VG, PS, and others.


  • DeddpoolDeddpool Member UncommonPosts: 197

    I know how you feel, only class i can play is the medic, because i dont have to fight in missions lol.  I'm pretty good in pvp but solo ya I suck bad.


  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel Member LegendaryPosts: 12,076

    Perhaps you just need to keep playing,  as you do, you get better.  You can always go bomber recon and just run around and drop bombs,  its quite possibly one of the easiest specs to play, and when done right you can turn the tide of battle pretty quickly.


    Other classes are not quite as easy... robotics is a pretty versatile class, but it requires hard speccing one way or another unless you go middle of the road, in which case you have to be really mobile.


    Another option would be going magma lance assault.  It doesnt' do as much damage as it used to,  but you pretty much pad your stats with DPS, and stand off point targeting healers and recons.  Dual spec for damage and as much energy as you can muster and go to town.


    Apart from that,  everything else will require some skill and coordination, which comes with experience.  Tanks and healers should usually stay on point,  and micromanaging turrets isn't easy.  Taking points as a drone spec isn't easy either,  it requires a lot of planning and more skill than most.


    Sniper recons are kind of tough to play too, as you need to be a really good shot.  I'm terrible as a sniper recon,  but I rock at melee and bombs.


    That being said,  pick a class and keep going all the way to 30.  If you lose at one spec, respec and try again.  Just do what works for you.

  • ersingibleersingible Member Posts: 70

    Rolling Recon is attractive only because people think they can do whatever they wish in Merc missions. That is until they start to get abused by team members for not getting rid of enemy turrets and Robos (and Medics). Also, the population of Recons is way outweigh others. To the point that you will wait for twice as long for missions as other classes.

    Then they might try Medic and go with a Poison build because eventually "healing is boring"  ...

    Then maybe Robo and think they are tanks and charge into heavy fire, or just plain forget about building Healing Stations and turrets or never learn where to build them to be most effective.

    Then they try Assault (after all, they have the most armor, right?) but because they never learned what Medics do, they pull their medics into the line of fire, or just completely ignore their medics who then get killed by enemy Recons and snipers in under 3 seconds...

    ... and by this time, they conclude that the game sucks.


  • ersingibleersingible Member Posts: 70

    Originally posted by maskedweasel

    ...  you have to be really mobile.

    This is actually a very good point.

    If you plan on PVP'ing a lot, make sure you pick the -30% Jetpack and +40% Power Pool skills from the "General" tree (or whatever is the leftmost tree is that is available for all classes).

    Those two alone will probably save you half the time.

  • VarthanderVarthander Member UncommonPosts: 466

    i recall killing 5-6 people at once with tremor assault, it was awesome and easy also you can try robotics that just heal spam the turrets and it really works fine, but mobility its the key of it and improvisation too, i think the game get a award of "best control" i think, not sure at all.


  • OtashiOtashi Member UncommonPosts: 78

    I don't get what you mean... I've started 3 days ago I'm already lvl 42  and no I'm not pro of the FPS genre *shrug* but I'm already a 5 stars healer.

    You need to read the forums and wiki. First of all get some descent armor and add mods to them (u'll survive a bit longer), then work on ur jetpack ability = you need to fly with double taps and above ur targets when you want to escape (its a blind angle). The Power skills are a must have = +40% powerpool and +20% regen(idk if only medics get this).

    Whisper me anytime in GA - Otashi.

    Good luck and keep trying !

  • drazzahdrazzah Member UncommonPosts: 437

    You are just bad dude, sorry to tell you.


    I JUST started playing GA today. I started off as Recon. Got to Lv. 10 and was using Ballista (Sniper) and went about 10-1.


    This game is extremely to be good at because everyone (including you i guess) is pretty bad at it, no offense.


  • ODrifterODrifter Member Posts: 18

    i recommend going drobo with grizzly,harrier, and hornet

  • strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233

    Well, to the OP..if your terrible at a class up to level 20, give up and roll a new class, and repeate....your going to remain terrible.


    Main point being this isnt a FPS 100%, you need to get to at least 30 to get all your skills, then make sure your skilled correctly for your role.


    Secondly, this game has roles.  You might be an assault, but cant figure out why you arnt killing a lot of people...mabey you should try to tank the point and knock others off of it...ect...

    Third is the OC gear, which gives a considerably advantage, it takes a lot of time to aquire this.


    Basically stop giving up and actually play a class up to 50.  Get some good gear, look on the games forums about what role options you have, what people will expect you to do (chasing down people and killing them isnt really all that helpfull to the objective)


    Also, running random matches usually pairs you up with a bunch of solo FPS;ers against a highly organized team..your going to get stomped, find a good clan.

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