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Is this worth playing?

xlr8spdxlr8spd Member Posts: 13

Well I was wondering, is this worth playing? Is this game f2p all through it(Except item mall)?

I hear allot of good talk and allot of bad talk about this game. Is this game extremely laggy? Is this game active? Is this game near a shut down? Do u  have to buy item mall items to be a successful player?

Please answer these questions and gimme some pros and cons about dis game o:



  • adiktusadiktus Member Posts: 128

    Yeah. This game is free to play all throughout. However, some players are claiming that it's pay-to-win. I actually stopped for several months because when I became level 100 (level cap is 140), items for that level become extremely expensive. At high levels, non-cash shop people either stop playing or use cash shop to get items that they could use or sell for a high price.

    Although if you want to remain a non-cash shop user and still want to play the game at high levels, it will require a lot of effort to be competitive because you may have to do lots of repeatables, instances to get good items and money, and also learn how to play with the market.

    I think that's the biggest issue about it. The game tends to lean towards the cash shop at high levels. It's up to you, really. You can just stop playing if you think it's getting unbearable.


  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222
    Well, like most F2P games, there comes a point where you need to start playing a whole lot or spend a lot of money in the item mall (or both).

    But you can play 1 to 100 with no problem (the level cap is 140). Though if you start now, you've just missed an event for new characters (giving away nice low level gear and some decent high grade mercs)

    I've played it on and off since it came out. Have two 120s, 3 100s, and 2 80s. It stops being fun after about 110 or so...but until then, it's quite enjoyable...

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  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 385

    This game has a hunge plus, IMO; Unique squad based combat in an MMO, woot!

    BUT ALSO, it has a very irritating cash shop function, namely;

    GAMBLING! And the in-game announcements and etc try to do their best to entice you into gambling,,, shinies! Moar shinies!!

    You can definetly play for a while without paying a dime if you can live without the shinies, but as you'r climbing through to the higher levels, you might get hooked at the game, and subsequently its cash shop/online gambling.

    Lol i do not expect games to be free, naturally they either have a cash shop, a sunbscription based model or a combination of both, but the gambling part in this game,,,,,

    like you want a cool mount? You literally have to gamble for it, and you might spend 100+$$ and get NO such mount in return, etc etc..

    Beware, really good game, IMO = But the gambling ruins it for me:( 

  • itchmonitchmon Member RarePosts: 1,998

    i'm fiddling around with it too for the very first time and so far i like it.  it is noteworthy because it's fundamentally different than other mmo's (it being turns based and withthe ff tactics style combat)


    I have not fooled around with the cash shop but later on i wouldn't rule it out.  though the fact that the items in the cash shop are basically 10$ lotto tickets seems kinda wrong...

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  • ChimpsChimps Member Posts: 192

    If you're not willing to pay a couple bucks then no this game is not worth it.

    It's a lot of fun but like most F2P games you either pay or struggle and struggling isn't fun so you end up quitting the game once it begins.

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    Yeah it's definitly worth playing, but when I reached like level 35 I became for some reason completely bored with it. I guess the lack of options to do besides constantly fighting wasn't a pretty good deal for me XD


  • lol187lol187 Member Posts: 2

    This game is a unique game, but as someone else said it's not a game where you can hit max level in one year (1-140).


    • It's a game with a unqiue battle system i've never play before which is very interesting.

    • It's free to play

    • Simple to pick up, more depth as you progress by more merc's you can unlock and how you can plan out your formation and skills to use.

    • I personally like how the town system is set up so guilds can control cities which becomes an extra income source for everyone in the guild which was awsome for me unless you have a greedy guild leader.

    • Their is teleport in the game, and auto walk. Just really cool if your stuck on a quest it'll guide u to the right place or got a long run to somewhere you can teleport / autowalk n get a drink

    • Item mall items are tradeable! Meaning anyone can get a mount, wrings, deco's, exp boosters, dmg boost ect

    • 2 Pvp battle system. their is Free league (FL) where it is semi based on gear meaning it doesn't matter what grade the gear is it will be set to grade 0 (+0) when doing these battles as well as item mall items get drastically nerfed such as the stats n proc rates. The other one is collosume league where gear doesn't matter just what merc u got with you and if you got one skill point into that skill so you can use it in battle.

      • A good example is Habu from my server he vulc (gambled) all hisgear broken and kept on pvping with NO GEAR and got grade D mercs with him winning in the pvp battles by using anoying strategies. Also keeping within the top 3 ranking groups in pvp (2 - 0)

    • 20+ different categories of crafts, just cool stuff you can explore or try n accomplish


    • If your computer is bad you will get lagg like with any other game.

    • Item mall is bad. The odds are obsviously sometimes horrible, sometimes ppl are just really luck. But as you can hear ppl will lose their pants.

    • Repetitive playing, if you play it too much. It's a grinding game at times, but thier are alot of quests inside of it and side things you can try and accomplish

    • Events during the year are nice to have

    Con and a Pro:

    • You can gamble at anything in the game, you can gamble away your gear n items ect. Just depends on your luck really and what your gambling at. Like you can gamble on items to upgrade it's grade or destory it perm (bad thing). Or u can gamble on a item within your loot so you get more of it by destorying everything else (Good thing since u can gamble for high market value items n make a get away).

    My recommendation. It's a good game to play but its either a hit or a miss. Read more if u want tips or hear my rant =P



    • Quest, Quest, Quest

    • Right now crafting is usually a money pit but it could change later just depends really be careful

    • Planning out what u want to do is always better. Makes thing go alot smoother once you figure out a battle plan, but sometimes it is just fun to experiment

    • How money should be spent on upgrading your guys. New Merc > Growth Vials (Stat increasers) > Upgrades > Skill Books > Gear (It gets replaced fast)

    • Playing with other ppl, and joining a helpful guild

    • The people who hate this game is because they arn't that social. This game is a big social game, cause in reality no one person can accomplish anything alone in this game which is possible, but you gotta work together.

    • Leveling Tips

      • Quest

      • Doing Guild dungeons

      • Don't worry about if merc levels arn't they same as your main, it's a normal thing

      • Higher level thier are daily quests which give out good exp and cash

      • TBS, hard to learn but big payouts as well as cash

      • If your stuck, get a person to help or pop scrolls or put on a title.

    • Money Making Tips/gear

      • Higher the level easier it is to make money

      • Look for easy, fast quests that give out high value gear boxs or high cash payout

      • Jackpotting, look up online for tips it concept has stayed the same

      • Daily Quests

      • TBS hard to learn, but big payout

      • Crafting, changes alot, i know i said it's a pit but if u know whats making cash that month and you exploit it your golden. Things to check out are like potions or food

      • EVENTS Gawd those events are ment to be exploited for IM items


    My Rant to those haters:

    I read ppl saying you need to spend money on this game past level 100??? You gotta be kidding me, they were just too impatient, were just to lazy to read online how to make cash or too stubborn to ask ppl in game how to make cash to fund your gear. I never spend a cent on the item mall and i'm level 129. I have 12 good mounts n 3 low end ones, 4 wings, and 6 clothes. ofc i got this with time of playing 2 years on n off depending on my real life workload. Those guides will get outdates cause they are 3 years old, this game is ever changing. Market changes in the game so theirs always places to make gold. Items right now cost alot of money cause it was SO EASY to make gold in game. Now they are changing that trying to siphon gold away from players. It's gonna change to where gold is gonna be worth alot more soon. And to those item mall people, they gotta make money somewhere and if your not willing to gamble your cash just buy Atlas and trade it for the item in game. I can see how you get burnt but you choose it urself. To those people who can't level cause they want the blessing lic, figure out a better formation or trade for a bless lic in game! I play the game for 3 hours n get enough gold to buy 2-4 bless lic's which is the exp /attack/def booster in game each bless lic lasts 30 days. Wait now, if you can't do something alone, their is something called a party where you can join other players and accomplish goals together. Just because you see boss players and want to be them, doesn't mean you gotta downgrade the game cause you can't reach their point after they played the game for years on end and where u only played it for a few months.


    Also if you say u are poor at level 100, i saved 1 billion by level 94 by asking questions and listening to advice.


    Guild dungeons are soloable i'll give you that. But wait, the game is really updating nation dungeons which are impossible to solo. It's all about organization n teamwork =P


    I do agree with you how this game is trying to exploit ppl by adding the next new toy every few weeks to make more cash, but thats how they gotta make cash. Can't really blame em for that. The rolling odds are horrible, gawd they are, i hear so many stories of how horrible they are. But i lawl @ those ppl when they could spend a fourth of the money they spend on those boxs to buy atlas and traded for it in game.


    Sometimes their are service outages due unforeseen circumstances which is anoying, but when they are at fault they have compensated every player with IM money, double exp,  Bless Packages or Warrior Packages or other compensation packages.


    Anyways every game has good and bad, i'm just a little appaled by how ppl are hating on the game due to their own ignorance by the sounds of it.


    End of Rant

  • ale0738ale0738 Member Posts: 5

    Don't play it, high levels are all about grinding, unless you think thats funny... i quit it cuz of the insane grinding.


  • SagonatorSagonator Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Its a must to pay? Its only grinding???  What??? I bet you are all average of 100-110 lvl players max...

    Do you know how to level your merces? Quets

    Do you know how to get important items? Quest

    Do you know how to make money ? TBS(Tactical battle squad) missions

    I am lvl 130. never used IM. I make enough money to keep myself strong vs players who use IM

    Item mall is an option.

    Grinding is a part of every single game.


  • MrZeozMrZeoz Member Posts: 3

    This game is definetly worth trying out. Not even wow grabbed my interest as this game did. Atlantica feels really diffrent from most of the mmos out there.


    I'm level 130 there(corrently on the break so could focus on studies tho), I've never used item mall, I'm in Div 1(more or less best pvp stage in server) so I can tell pretty accurate about whats and how it works in game.


    I'll begin with "grind" topic. Only time I had troubles with "grinding" was 95-105 lvl. It's because stuff getts more expensive quite suddently and it's bit hard to kill mobs with low lvl equipment . My tip for overcoming this problem is find people around your level so you could do quests, other stuff together. That's how appearantly randomly I found some of my best in-game friends which from then on I did almost everything together and it became much easier and much more fun. And even though I became strong enough to solo out stuff over people need full groups I still choose to do it with those friends.


    Well then let's continue with Item Mall topic. I must admit that  some stuff in there is pretty nice to have and I encourage you to surrender to that desire from time to time to support staff. Though I didn't - I didn't really see the need it for myself since I'm casual player not spending too much time on games. Until ~120 you might be a bit annoyed by not having that stuff but later on it will become affordable to buy for gold. Yes, It's expensive but do you really need ALL the stuff from there? I say no, there's no need to build collection of almsot identical items just to become power player. So if you're not too greedy you'll manage just alright.


    What else should I tell? Well I noticed some people tend to be so-to-say "lone wolves", I strongly disaprove of that attidute - it makes game much less fun for you and others, so I recommend to talk to other people. Atlantica Online community is most mature and fun I have seen and I tryed out a lot of mmorpgs, dont waste it trying to play solo.


    So in conclusion I thank you if you bothered reading this. As you see all the "barriers" other people seem to put up are easly overcomed. And at least give the game a try - it really deserves it.

    Have fun!


  • ale0738ale0738 Member Posts: 5

    i lol'd. I was 142 when I quit it.


  • HellSingsHellSings Member Posts: 185

    Depends on how long you play. If you invest enough time you can be on par with IM users. It requires doing weekly tbs, the lvl 115+ yield alot of money. But like I said, you need to invest time. Don't go in expecting to be max lvl and geared out in 2 months w/o IM, it won't happen. Don't need to worry about grind until 120+.

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