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Any low-mid level grouping these days in Aion?

WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

Hello all,

Been considering giving Aion another go and was curious about how things have panned out for it over time. I last tried it around launch, and then once briefly a little while after that, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for at the time.

I'm finding myself wanting to give it another look and see how things have changed in the many months since I last played, but one thing I'm really concernead about is the prospect of solo play for the entirety of the low and mid levels.

I have nothing against soloing and enjoy it myself from time to time. However, I do find it boring after a time and really prefer group interaction to be part of the experience as well.. be it for quests, xp'ing on mobs, or what-have-you.

So, I'm curious what it's like in Aion these days? Do people group up for anything (outside of dungeons, etc), or is it pretty much 100% solo?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • jbadoljbadol Member Posts: 13

    I just started playing again the past week or so. The past few nights I reached lvl 10 to where I can finally see what's going on in the chat channels. The only LFG chatting i see is for lvls 40 and up. Now mind you, I haven't actually tried LFG my self at lvl 11 or tried to put a group together. That's just what i'm reading in the chat window. Otherwise I am enjoying the game :) Fun stuff. Hope that helps some.

  • pedrostrikpedrostrik Member UncommonPosts: 396

    you can level faster than ever just hit L13 and you take only campaign quests and always looking for mentor group to do their dailys and you get L30 in a flash, and full of kinah from drops (well its a litle bit lazy way , but sometimes mentors even pay you to help on their daily mentor quests), but , after L30 you will get lots of stuff to do .....and ofc you can still get help till you get L46

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    dont know but this game is probably the best bet to play these days,or would be if it was a global international game but since it is a regianl game i think western market server wont have many player i could be wrong tho

  • WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

    Hey all.. Thanks for the replies so far.

    So, I'm giving the game a go on a free trial, before I decide to go back completely or not. 

    Decided to create an Asmodean Mage... completely different from my main character on my live account, which is an Elyos ranged character (don't remember the class name, but they're def. ascended).

    I'm currently on Israphel server and still in the pre-Ascended areas. It's kinda funny how the Asmodean and Elyos starting areas almost exactly mirror each other lol. I mean, right down to how the terrain progresses from starting area, to village (up on a hill) to a lake with a giant tree in the middle, and a rare mob patrolling around it, then into a forest, etc... Not sure why they made them so identical... but anyway...

    Having fun enough for now. Seem to be enjoying myself more than I did last time I played (a while ago). Who knows, though.. If I decide to stick with it, I may just upgrade to a full account and start over. We shall see.

    I'm finding it difficult to communicate with anyone, though, considering they don't seem to let you communicate with anyone. I got a guild invite and couldn't even talk to the person inviting me... I guess it's to prevent RMT from abusing trial accounts, whichi makes sense... But it sure makes it difficult for a legit player trying to get a full feel for the game.

    Ah well.


    "If you just step away for a sec you will clearly see all the pot holes in the road,
    and the cash shop selling asphalt..."
    - Mimzel on F2P/Cash Shops


  • pedrostrikpedrostrik Member UncommonPosts: 396

    dont worry as fast as you get at L10 you will have 1000's of chat to worry about, and these days its really very rare to see kinah RMT spawns, and that its the best thing you can get in a paid to play mmo

  • dg2903dg2903 Member Posts: 51

    For me, Aion is sill good for new player or whoever want to reroll from low lvl. When u hit lvl 10, u can group with mentor that higher lvl than u. U can do Q with them or maybe ask them to powerlvl u ( its really fast. ) or u can play solo to lvl 18 by doing Q because after some Patches, Aion EXP rate had increase alot. At lvl 18 u can do the DG that for only 1 person. do that and grind to lvl 25 to do NTC. And i believe at lvl 25, u can still easily find group since there are still some ppl that are low lvl. Or u can Ask for a mentor. I think a glad or Temp lvl 40+ can solo NTC easily. at lvl 30 u can start doing FT, and yes u can still ask for a Mentor to go with u for fast run and fast EXP. Plus, with the new 2.6 patch, the Looking For Group system had been change, when u want to find a group to find a DG, u just have to register and the system will put u in Queue until it finds a group for u. In the mean time u can do whatever u want rather than spamming the LFG channel or ask other people. For me, Aion is really easy to play now than when it first released. EXP rate increase alot. It took me about 3 weeks to go from lvl 1-50. Of course you will need help From mentor. My friend mentor me from lvl 1-30 in 10 hr :D The rest i gind and do Q. Dont worry, there are still a lot of low lvl ppl playing. you wont find ur self having a hard time to find a group :).

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