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Considering Buying It All - HIGHLY Impressed With Guild Wars 2

VladarionVladarion Member UncommonPosts: 204

Hello Everyone,


So, I played guild wars back when it first came out and stopped playing around the time factions came out.  I was HIGHLY engrossed with WoW at the time, so guild wars just didn't cut it for me.  I am now done with WoW...I just can't even touch that game anymore, so guild wars 2 caught my eye and then I found out your progress/accomplishments in guild wars will roll over to guild wars 2.  I'm interested :D


Basically, I just have some questions about guild wars before I grab the trilogy and eye of the north on steam.  First off is it worth it to start back up now and have a game to play until guild wars 2 comes out?  I always loved the community of GW, but I hear not many play anymore since GW2 is supposed to come out fairly soon.  Second, how much did Eye of the North improve the game?  I've heard it was really the first true expansion to guild wars and added a ton of great additions to the game. 


I've never really seen what the endgame of guild wars is like so id anyone wants to explain that a little bit as well, that'd be great.  I am just looking for a great fun game that I can play casually and still progress well.  I'm so sick of the grind that all these other MMOs require and really I'm looking for more of a single player experience within an MMO world (much like SWTOR seems to be offering).  I'm very big into PvP and love how you are locked to only certain skills.  Systems like that always allow the game to revolve more around skill than gear/classes.  


Anyways, I've gone long enough with this thread, so I'll stop here.  If you just want to give me a general overview on why I should or shouldn't come back to the game I would greatly appreciate it.  Also, thanks if you read the whole thing.  Hope to hear from some of you soon :D


  • NailzzzNailzzz Member UncommonPosts: 515

        If you were able to undstand and appreciate GW when you tried it before, i would definetly recommend getting all the expansions and giving it a go. I recently came back to it myself after being away for 3 years and after my adjustment period of a day, i found myself enjoying it again instead of complaining about it not having mmo features that i had grown acustomed to from other mmo's. Despite that the playerbase at endgame has so many options as far as what to do, the game still seems to have an impressive population. People seem to forget that since 90% of the content everywhere is end game your not as likely to see all the max lvl's hanging out in the same handful of places like in most mmo's where all the end game players are all corralled into the same handful of instance areas. Some outposts are rather empty, but it seems to vary alot from hour to hour.

         I wouldnt worry about end game, you will be there very soon and like i said 90% of the content is end game. It wont be a gear grind. Just concentrate on the storyline. That will occupy you well into end game. By the time you complete the storyline, you will have plenty of other end game options presented to you. You will not lack for things to do that involve challenge as opposed to grinding. Good Luck. Oh and dont forget to try out PvP. Even if you normally hate it in other mmo's, you may find it refreshing. Dont forget about the PvP match observer modes. Its a great way to see what other people have come up with for builds and how they work. You may even come up with new ideas or improvements.

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