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Looking for an MMA MMO like MMATycoon and MMArmy

LashleyLashley Member UncommonPosts: 587

I play both MMArmy and MMA Tycoon. I was looking for games that are similar and enjoyable. Anyone recommend any?


  • LashleyLashley Member UncommonPosts: 587


  • LashleyLashley Member UncommonPosts: 587

    no one?

  • kolsovokolsovo Member Posts: 74

    Never heard of em, to be honest. If they're some kinda sandbox thing you're bumming, that corner of the market's on life support these days.

    The answer is 42 you idiot!

  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    None that I am aware of man. I've been looking for a real Martial Arts game for years. All we get is asian titles with "martial arts" that look like some anime version of an arcade fighting game, with huge flashy special effects and an asian grind.



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