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How do I ONLY make money, not spend it?



  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

    Originally posted by salenger

    To play this game just to make money would be frustrating as hell, i just started playing again and im in awe, the world is stunning (im on Calypso) and its the best sandbox game on the market imo

    The present day graphics in EU really shine in many places, me too am still in awe many times watching some lush screenery,  the complex mountain ranges and sunsets and whatnot. Right now I am having kind of vacation from EU, I went to check how is WoW after a long, long break, and it is really difficult to again get used to the absolutely horrible graphics and polygon ccount WoW has :D No offense, of course.

  • DojenDojen Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Originally posted by Briansho

    Some interesting questions but this is one game where there is no extensive wiki on how to even have moderate progression with your character. I keep seeing posts pop up all over the internet about new player guides being updated but there is never really any new information. It's all extremely severely basic, you might as well right a guide to help you make your character walk around and do emotes. Here are some questions that come to mind when I think about this game.

    Are there people in-game you could befriend that will explain how to at least get some moderate progress without wasting too much money(not counting "theories" people come up with, although I commend them for trying to figure things out basically with blindfold on)

    Are there people in the game playing as random characters that work for the company who are sometimes boosting the economy, like the Fed printing money, to keep players interested and keep them playing/depositing.


    Ask yourself this question: Is Bill Gates going to take you under his wing, explain how to make money as he does, then give you some money to compete with him?

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