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PK rpg ?

cjl10996cjl10996 Member Posts: 29

hello guys ! so yeah im looking a new rpg to play with good graphic, gameplay, Duels/PK, character customization and a high playerdata... i dont want to play perfect world because imo it lvlup too slow till lvl 40 but if someone can give me some tips..




  • huanieeshuaniees Member Posts: 6

    I suggest Gate to heavens, A brilliant old-school MMORPG very exciting to play


    4 Classes , Vital Spirtor , Swordsmen , Mage and ,Archer/Dagger

    heres a Video if u would like to watch about the server

    Interesting PVP features , when grouped PVP its much more exciting

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    Give the Age of Conan free trial a shot. Otherwise, your request was very generic and you didn't give enough information for us to base recommendations.

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