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Should I pick up this game?

Anyone that has played or is still playing have any input on this. Game seems like it could be fun and just want to know if it's worth spending the money ?


  • rznkainrznkain Member Posts: 539

    Eh it isn't a bad game but it def needs alot more content its something cute to log on and play casually when your bored or burned out on other mmogs.

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 3,069

    In my opinion, there is not enough content to justify it (and I play STO, so yeah...). The game is fun but it depends on how much you are willing to spend on 10-15 hours of fun. I definitely advise against subscribing right now; although, a few updates might make it worth it.  So far, Kotaku has laid it out best.

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    Thanks for your posts! I am just wanting something to mess around with when i have some free time and this kinda seems like it may be ok for that but sounds like much more than that at least at this point might be pushing it. If i read right you get the first month free so I may go ahead and pick it up and and see where I'm at after the first 30 is up.


    Thanks again!

  • GunshipGunship Member Posts: 23

    Seen for $30 at amazon


    New content came in Tuesday and some levels made by the LEGO community.


    Picked this up 11/11 and I have about 15 hours invested so far. It started off like it was going to be one of those follow this path and along the way do some quests but it started branching out wich was nice. Mini games are cool to waste some time on as well. The 4 factions are nice and the 2 different types to choose from in each helps keep some difference in the characters looks. Ive got nothin better to play so for now I will continue playing this. 

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    ive put in over 60 hours, still havent finsihed half the achievements currently available.  and theres at least 2 premium new worlds opening up soonish, no date to be found but one is called the nexus tower and the other is robot city, theyre like the current world zones you rocket too, but not yet open to the public.  cant wait, new mobs, new achieves, maybe new sets! (gear and literal lego sets!)


    having a blast the most on my engineer and marauder, samurais a good tank, gonna get him his knight set to see how it compares, just not likeing the venture guys though, not sure why, not my cup of tea fighting style i guess!

  • mjs0001mjs0001 Member Posts: 25

    it's boring... there is next to no game content and what little there is is extreamly repetative. unless you like building stuff out of a limited number of resources. then pass on this one.

  • Miles-ProwerMiles-Prower Member Posts: 1,106

    I'd love to try the game, but I can't balance two MMORPGs at once so this one will have to remain a dream for now.


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  • ttyorkttyork Member Posts: 10

    This is a wait.  There's too many issues and lack of content to be spending what they want for it.  It has potential but it falls short on so many fronts that you should wait for them to actually supply something people would pay for.

  • shinobi234shinobi234 Member Posts: 437

    Originally posted by mjs0001

    it's boring... there is next to no game content and what little there is is extreamly repetative. unless you like building stuff out of a limited number of resources. then pass on this one.

    i play it tell me what game dont have repeat stuff over and over again man every game has stuff you have to repeat over and over again like questing if this game not for you dont play it if he wants to try it let him who are you to tell him what the game is i think every one has the right to try out games for themselfs. i know its for kids but its fun i like legos since i was a kid


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