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Aion EU Thinking of Returning

darkcircuitdarkcircuit Member Posts: 211

Hey all,

What's the EU playing population like on this forum? I bought the game at launch, didn't have the grind problems that everyone claimed was an issue (I'm used to playing single player grinding RPGs so killing a few mobs while gathering didn't bother me), but I did end up quitting due to being persuaded to leave by a friend playing a different game. However, I am now thinking of returning and I was wondering what has changed?

Obviously I can read through patch notes (and I have), but that doesn't really give a clear indication of what the game is like population, graphics and PVE wise (I am not really a pvp player, but I can hold my own if required). Is PVE still part of the focus of the team or has it declined (IMO) into PVP-centric play? My old character is will I have a ton of gear grinding/questing to catch up on or will I be able to start doing dungeons etc from the get go? It's been so long since I played that I am now a relative noob, however, I'm not really keen on starting a new char as I already put a ton of effort into this one.

P.S. If anyone here is on the same server as my char and wants to group/legion together then let me know :)


  • inzane3inzane3 Member UncommonPosts: 103

    The game is still pretty active and it's so much better than when it was released. A lot of content has been added and there is more than plenty of PVE to do. I recently returned myself. Although I'm not as active, (I think i just need a break from MMO's in general.)


    I'm on the Perento Server, the name is Mukhtar, I'm an asmodean.




    there are solo instances now that you can do from level 18 if I recall and it's really fast to level up. A lot faster compared to before and there are tons of quests as well.

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