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F2P, Casual, Grouping, Fantasy

PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 680

Games I've played and am NOT interested in: LotRO, WoW, Rift, AoC


I'm fine with the "holy trinity" class dynamic, but wouldn't be opposed to something different. I've seemed to like everything but tanking. I'm just not dextrous enough to tank successfully (it could also be that I play on a laptop, atop a tray table, while sitting back in a recliner or easy chair. I ain't twitchy.).



I loved Rift's "Rifting" in the beginning/ early levels: casual, come one come all public quests/ grouping. Since that disappears around level 20ish, around the same time the population disappaears, Rift doesn't work for me. Basically, I want to play and have fun, and if we wipe, we wipe, life goes on. The real world is pressure enough, I certainly don't want some high-stressed gamers to deal with when I left real-world stress in an office or on a train.



Are there any MMOs out there where the community understands that they're playing a GAME? Too many people take these things far too seriously. I'm not in a race to get anywhere in a game.



Some non-combat diversions would/could be fun. If you could progress your crafting without engaging in combat at all, that'd be great too, just as an option for an alt.



I'm done paying box prices for games. Don't care how awesome the game is supposed to be, I don't do it anymore. I really liked LotRO's non-exploitative cash shop (dropped a load of cash in it), so much so that it got me to spend more than I really needed to. Grind-lessening purchase options are nice.


Basically, I'd love a F2P version of Rift where the public questing continues on vibrantly, and where the community didn't get their panties in a bunch at everything. And as a note, I'm not usually the one who causes wipes when I group, but I can't stand the people who get worked up when somebody does. That makes it no fun for me. I enjoy the actual playing more than the pixels in a bag when we down the boss.


EDIT: And I hate add-on reliant games. Having to scour the web for dozens of add-ons to "compete" is not something I'll do. It's gotta be in the game.


Thanks in advance, and I understand that this fantasy game I'd like probably doesn't exist. Still, can't hurt to ask.


  • vkejaivkejai Member UncommonPosts: 99
    Trying to think of one , but are you a groupong type or more solo ?
  • SeinaruSeinaru Member Posts: 109

    Mabinogi fits all of those...

    • It's skill based not class based, so there are no tanks / healers / dps

    • It's pretty easy to find parties for shadow missions but you usually need friends or guildies if you want to party for dungeons.

    • Wiping isn't a big deal since for one thing it doesn't happen often since everyone has the ability to rez. And if you do wipe in most dungeons you get to start back at the beginning of the floor so you lose no progress. However there is still a penalty for wiping because there's the possibility you'll drop some of your equips, which you can then reclaim from an npc for a price.

    • It's a very casual game. There are a lot of people that just log on to sit around in town and chat. And people usually don't get mad.

    • It has very good crafting, although it gets grindy at later levels. If you wanted to make an alt for crafting you could, but you'd need to do combat at least every now and then to get AP to raise crafting skill levels. Since Mab basically has time-based character progression you can have a crafting-only character pretty easily as long as you're not playing it very often and are willing to do combat on it for say, an hour every 3 weeks or so. (However, since crafting skills give stat boosts, it's recommended that you work on crafting on your main character.)

    • It's f2p. You can feel really pressured to buy a flying mount for ~$10 because it gives you a lot of benefits besides the faster traveling which by itself is really useful. Besides that the cash shop is pretty optional. And yeah there are a lot of grind reducing items.

    • Mods are technically illegal so they're completely optional. Most mods are just cosmetic.

    • However, it's nothing like Rift.

  • huanieeshuaniees Member Posts: 6

    I suggest Gate to heavens, A brilliant old-school MMORPG very exciting to play

    4 Classes , Vital Spirtor , Swordsmen , Mage and ,Archer/Dagger

    heres a Video if u would like to watch about the server

    If you're talking about grouped , thers bonus exprience in parties when grinding to level and also when alot of people play, there is a possibility to have dan wars

  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 680

    Thanks for your suggesions and the effort you put into your replies. I'll check them out.


    And I enjoy grouping and playing solo. I tried to level some characters in WoW just doing dungeons, but people just got too damned hostile so I gave that up. So while I love grouping, I oftentimes don't like to group (if that makes sense).

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