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Second-Life Rip Off?

KatodyKatody Member Posts: 30

Doesn't this look a bit like Second Life? The engine? The viewer is even Imprudence (A Second Life Viewer). Can someone clear this up for me or explain?  I was thinking of playing, I don't mean to jump to conclusions or judge. Just wondering if anyone's played or looked at the site and thought the same thing?

Thanks =)



  • isilwingisilwing Member Posts: 4

    Hello Kat,

    Yes it look pretty similar because the platform is OpenSim, and  OpenSim is based on the Second Life server code. You can check it out here (http://opensimulator.org).  Imprudence is not a Lindens Lab viewer, its a 3rd party developer viewer. In fact if you use that viewer, you will see a list of grid to choose from (including role play worlds, second life, etc). All of them based on the same platform but each one with different themes.

    Probably you will find known faces, names and shops. One thing to remark, RPW is not connected in any way to SL. Are two different grids, so you would start in RPW like the first day you logged to SL.

    If need more help or information let me know





  • madteaparty7madteaparty7 Member Posts: 1

    ye..  isil is totally  right  this  is  a  seperate  spinoff  from  the opengrid thing .

    a little fact  fact  that  is missing is :  its made  from  ex- Secondlife Goreans ..  in their words not only aimed at  gorean roleplay  but  looks like its  still  the  main  content ..  so in other words nothing  for  people  that  have  a problem  with Gor or  gorean  RP and its  dubious content


    greetz  Madteaparty

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