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Fiddlesticks guide - Suvivor!

GreymoorGreymoor Member UncommonPosts: 802


If you enjoy playing Fiddlesticks give this build a try! Yes shameless advertising but it's my first guide and it really is superior over the average Fiddle build. :P


  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679

    Ai loved this part


    A question some of you will ask - why leave fear until level 5?

    Fear is a great spell but at low levels the 0.5-1seconds won't make a huge difference, you shouldn't be getting into situations where it's needed. Having Dark Wind and Drain stronger will most definately be more helpful to gain the First Blood.

    Level 2-3 Drain!! It'd be a mistake to get Dark Wind again at level 3, Drain will get you the kill and keep you alive v.s. any melee that engages at this level.

    Early game requires you to multi-task. You're weak without the items but you must keep them from farming.

    The Early Game.

    1.) Throw Darkwind at the enemy hero whenever the CD finishes

    2.) Be sure to keep an eye on the enemy mobs getting the last hits

    3.) Once the enemy is on 50% hp this is when you're capable of initating for the FB. Darkwind, Flash behind them, Drain, Ignite (Ignite can be casted whilst Draining). This should be enough to garuntee the kill.

    Note - If you can't do 3.) continue to harass and outfarm the enemy.

    Level 6, the fun begins. Harass, pretend you're going to another lane. You can go to the other lane, decide where you can profit best. Sit in that bush, ultimate out and drop everything you have on the enemy. After level 7 getting kills should be easy.

    Your ultimate can be used from over walls or bushes, you can be further away than expected and still jump in by following up with a Flash. Cut off fleeing heroes by flashing after them.

    BE SURE TO FEAR THE HERO THAT POSES THE MOST THREAT! Or equally fear the hero you want to take down.

    Crowstorm - Fear - Darkwind - Drain - Ignite. No squishy hero should be surviving this combination.

    Mid-Late game. (Always try to have blue buff, this will allow you to maintain Drain 24/7)

    Later on in the game more serious teamfights begin. At this stage you should be around 3k HP and capable of taking a beating but NEVER initate the fight. Wait patiently until the enemy are close together and hopefully focusing the tank, this is the perfect time to jump in and dominate the situation. Make clever use of fear to save other carrying heroes and keep up the damage with Drain.

    When you're not in a prime position hang an inch behind your team always ready to fear overextending heroes that are not a tank.


    Really tells people what to do wif the comboes n everything! ^__^

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