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14-Day Free Trials

I'm not sure if they still work, but I found them in a Guild wars case and I have no use for them, so before I threw them away I figured it was worth a shot to post them in case anyone else would enjoy trying out this old classic :)

It says to go to: http://www.lineage2.com/promos/lin2trial.html  but the site seems inactive so I'm not sure where you would enter them :/

1) MCN5 - FBJC - 6CSH - SV5U - DELG

2) E8Z8 - KKED - C2CW - WRGT - 6AFP


  • I'm not sure if anyone has used the last two or if they did infact work or not, but I found another one!

    1) QQU8 - 7CDZ - KTEF - 3X77 - 6GAT

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