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Ultima Online: UO is Getting Old



  • xeeeemeeeeeoxeeeemeeeeeo Member Posts: 20

    I MISS UO!

  • maxtlionmaxtlion Member Posts: 79

    Originally posted by Zooce

    Well written article.


    Great topic- hope you will look at Asheron's Call next.


  • merieke82merieke82 Member Posts: 165

    Some great memories from the original UO:

    1) Day 1 - I walked into an empty building in Brit and convinced a handful of passerbys that I was an NPC. Made a few gold pieces pretending to give training.

    2) Discovered the hedge maze on my own. Managed to get to the inside only to find some creatures which were way beyond my ability. Came back a second time and found the footprints that lead you into the secret passage. Epic.

    3) Guild leader invited me into his house to discuss my recruitment. Still remember the adrenaline rush, not knowing whether this guy was going to lock me in and kill me.

    4) Guild leader paid me gold to kill another player who had offended him.

    5) Found the secret to tailoring nice looking clothes. The trick was to only tailor from store bought cloth and not to dye your own. Manually dyed cloth would look "washed out." I still don't think many people ever caught on to this.

    6) Was out hunting in my first set of chainmail when a Seer (or was it called a Counselor) appeared next to me and invited me to meet him at the tavern in Brit to discuss a task he needed completed. Never made it back in time though, so I assumed he offered it to someone else.

    7) Was running around and chased a grey into a house. Started to attack this person when a hidden player popped out and stole my black pearl and mandrake. The house door was then locked. They joked around with me for about 20 seconds then ended me. Epic.

    8) One of the most interesting memories is more of just a general comment. I played UO on a 56k modem so you would walk about 3 tiles then have a slight pause, then walk 3 more tiles, pause, etc. The handful of people who had access to higher speed internet were at a HUGE advantage. Much more so than today when we compare 100ms ping to 250ms.


    Really, really good times.

  • dreldrel Member Posts: 918

    This was just the best sandbox game out there in its day.  Great PvP, you never knew who was going to kill you and take your goods!

    What destroyed the game for me was the housing and being able to put a house/castle anywhere.  You ended up walking forever through peoples homes. There just wasn't any more wilderness anymore-just homes.

    I would like to see the game updated as I still think it ranks as one of the best online games along with DAoC.


  • xxtriadxxxxtriadxx Member UncommonPosts: 155

    This is the one game where someone needs to take the original(non gear oriented) version of the game and modernize it..no new spiffy things or anything... Just upgrade it.


    Some have claimed they tried to do that but in reality all they have done is claim.

  • mmozombiemmozombie Member Posts: 15

    This is a game i wish would go free to play, Definatly the best sandbox MMO around, NTM the best housing system in anygame old and new.. i would definatly hop back in if it was free to play.

  • LurvLurv Member UncommonPosts: 409

    This game is still going? Lol.

    Getting too old for this $&17!

  • Spiritof55Spiritof55 Member Posts: 405

    What is so sad is commentary ultimas longevity has against new games.  Here we have a 15 year old game.......15 years old......and its far deeper than any online game developed since.  That is sad and pathetic.

  • Spiritof55Spiritof55 Member Posts: 405

    Thats a big reason for the fall of online games today:  the inclusion of console gamers.  Thats why neary evey mmorpg today has pvp in it because online features of console games have nothing but pvp in them. 

    I can tell you what every multiplayer console map will have from now till the end of time.  They'll have a deathmatch mechanic, some form of co-op and some form of capture the flag.

    So when console gamers try mmorpgs developed for pcs they expect to gank everyone.

  • ZulcattZulcatt Member Posts: 6

    Ultima online will always be my favorite but i'd rather keep it a fond memory then go back to it and ruin that memory.  I played in the beta for it and stayed for about 2 years. I can remember getting an ISDN line at my house just so i'd have a better connection than people with 56k modems.  PVP on atlantic was brutal but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

    I was Zulcatt the Sage and Zul', those were my main toons on atlantic.

  • AnirethAnireth Member UncommonPosts: 940

    I don't know how many unofifical or freeshards as they were called at least back then are out there now, but i wouldn't blame them for splitting the community. Actually, i heard about Ultima Online first because some friends were playing on a freeshard.

    Might have never heard of it, or at least never played it or any other MMO if not for this. And i even started playing (and paying) some browsergames with some friends from UO...so piracy can actually help the industry. I don't want to advocate it, but it's not all black and white.

    And the memories..so many memories. I would love to experience the same feeling again.It's just not the same. UO started it all for me, but it spoiled it all, too. I have a lot of fun in other MMOs too, but still, i often long back to UO. But it's not the same as back then, too. You already know what to expect, the people you knew are gone, the server moved on.

    There where so many things wrong on so many levels, but still.. i prefer Orcs and Drows partying during the day and in plain sight of the canon mounted walls of the capital, to the 10th "kill ten x" quest, to crashes on login, to GMs banning people for wanting an explanation why the servers aren't back up after a day when they said they would shut them down for an hour top etc.

    If they would make a game that delivers the same feeling as UO back then, no matter if it's a true UO2 or not, i certainly would play it.

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