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Does Blizzard Promote Sex and Drugs in WOW?

Its rated TEEN by ESRB but is it really nessesary in a game that children/teens play?



  • IcoGamesIcoGames Member Posts: 2,360

    You need some food troll? ::::39::

    Oh, cruel fate, to be thusly boned. Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee.

  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,012

    i just need to turn on the tv at 6pm and i'll see more drugs and casual sex than that.

  • mandaymanday Member Posts: 291

    Anyone who thinks that's inappropriate in any way needs to take a look at everything that's going on in the world already.

    Does your child watch television unsupervised? Do you let your child watch teen movies? Does your child go online unsupervised? Does your child go to school? If yes, he/she has already seen and/or heard about these things.

    You want your children to be completely oblivious about "harmful" things around him? If he doesn't know why or why not, will he make the right decision? I'd say it's a 50% chance that he would, but peer pressure usually changes the odds.

    It's still the parent/guardian's job to educate, and, if they feel the need, supervise their children. If a parent does not want his child to see any of this kind of thing, they better not have TV, internet, and the child must be home schooled.

    If you feel that anything in a Blizzard game is offensive, you probably need to get off the internet, and shelter yourself from real life, somehow.

  • zethcarnzethcarn Member UncommonPosts: 1,558
    grecux, where do you live?  Under a rock by chance?
  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    Oh noes! ::::04::

    Please, i've seen more drug references in teenage mutant ninja turtles than this.



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  • smiley123smiley123 Member UncommonPosts: 174

    How is this suppose to be shocking news, every blizzard game has some type of sex/drug  joke in it. I find it very funny but, i guess some people may take it the othere way.

  • ajaxxajaxx Member Posts: 476
      I'm pretty sure the OP is joking, relax fellasimage
  • PsyXPsyX Member Posts: 220

    So casual sex and drugs is a bad thing? ..damnit..ive been fooled

  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    The orignal post on the vn boards is a joke. Please people, take the time to actually read it, and the responses.

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  • gunnythokgunnythok Member Posts: 268

    Originally posted by grecux

    Its rated TEEN by ESRB but is it really nessesary in a game that children/teens play?

  • BelsamethBelsameth Member Posts: 193

    Originally posted by PsyX
    So casual sex and drugs is a bad thing? ..damnit..ive been fooled

    nah, they're all lying. no worries :D

  • Originally posted by grecux

    Its rated TEEN by ESRB but is it really nessesary in a game that children/teens play?

     Dude, you answered your OWN question! LOL!

    Teens are not kids. In all schools teens are taught how to have sex.

    Next, all capitalism promotes "sex" and in many ways "drugs". You also did not specifically say what type of drugs. Illegal or legal drugs? Yes, some drugs are legal. Smoking is legal.

    And next, the era, or world, or setting, of WoW is medival-themed. The person with the strongest sword arm made the rules. Did you know there is killing in WoW? You can just go out and kill, kill, kill. Rob, rob, rob. Try doing that in real life.... image

      Part of capitalism is making your own decision to buy or not buy. And leaving everyone else alone to make their own decisions.

     And I will leave you with this last nugget of info - the only way to defend or "defend" your kids against all the ills of the world, is to educate them.  NOT to try hiding them from all the ills. I remember when I was little my parents watched TV with me. Some music video showed Slash (guitarist from Guns and Roses) killing a girl in a white mustang. The car goes off the road down a cliff and blows up. Slash looks happy. My parents commented to me "You know that is fake right?" and they spent 1 hour talking to me about it. Listening to what I thought about it, then telling me what they thought about it.

     YOU are able to experience "harlots" and drugs, but not fall for it. So what age were you educated? Who educated you? How did they educate you? Too many parents are too lazy to make the free time to regularly  talk to their kids, starting at age 4. Every single day in the morning and evening parents should make the time to talk to their kids. Yes, having and raising kids is a j-o-b! Unfortunatly too many parents do not understand this. It is a  job that is suppose to pay off in its own unique ways. image

  • happydan20happydan20 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Why must people be so unitelligent?  First of all it's a JOKE post.

    Second of all the rating for MMORPGS are all the SAME!  "experience may change during online play"  They cant rate an uncontrolled social atmosphere.

    No more of this Teen rating or Mature rating...  That rating only applies to the disks you install on your harddrive as soon as you log on they are beyond the scope of the game.

  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Blizzard has been promoting sex and drugs for years.
    By the way, all of those are really in the game, they arent made up (NPC conversations)
    Also, there is a marijuana leaf available for a guild tabard.
    While I was skipping and ignoring the terms of conditions, i realized that Blizzard said guilds are prone to being shut down if they have drug-related names in them. Honestly, why would you add a marijuana leaf as a tabard and hope people dont make drug related guild names?
    And lastly, the post is a joke. Or , at least I took it that way.
    Nonetheless, WoW is a great game, despite drugs and sex.
    And speaking of sex, Neverwinter Nights had about 5 whorehouses in the whole game, and no one complained.

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  • Takai001Takai001 Member Posts: 248

    You only think that because your brain is already filled what is like to think of it as a sexual comment or drug use. Kids may not see because they are too young to understand.

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  • IronMikeIronMike Member Posts: 76

    pass that shit my way ::::28::


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