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Any one have a 14 day trial? Please?

mechwarriormechwarrior Member Posts: 241

I said please i have manners! i have class! gimme gimme gimme

Nah really played it back in open beta, loved the .....atmosphere of the game, but seemed very shallow at the time


  • GuildensternGuildenstern Member Posts: 4
    Me too please, I really really really want to play in the C3 PTS. Thanks in advance
  • mechwarriormechwarrior Member Posts: 241

    MY email is [email protected] btw incase yall are having trouble reaching me


  • sysadminsysadmin Member Posts: 30

    I'm gone message you with a diferent one, but i'll also post these here to someone that wants to try this game on real servers, eventough you should try the game pon private servers because they are more interesting and free.



  • CretzCretz Member Posts: 18

    yea, there are private servers better than the real ones.

  • milhoan6milhoan6 Member CommonPosts: 580
    Can anyone PM me a key? ( I have a feeling the ones those guys posted are used already) I've been looking at private servers for a while can anyone recommend one? Sorry if this is not allowed for Lineage 2 on this site. image
  • YordoYordo Member Posts: 831

    I could use a key also if someone is feeling generous. Just send me a pm or email

  • TobbaTobba Member Posts: 2


    I also want to try this game, looks great! But how can i get a trial acount?


  • DanovitcheDanovitche Member Posts: 94

    Nevermind my post, I posted in wrong section ....

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  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,133
    Do not try private servers, they are very buggy and stuff. Trust me, play the real deal. Much better.


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  • Wow, it looks like you really are giving away free keys?
    Well if you are then [email protected]
    is my email address, I played a very LONG time ago, when there were no friggin Chinise gold farmers.
    Anyways please PM me or send me one thru email, whichever is more convinient for you.

  • Paladin101Paladin101 Member Posts: 187

    How do you play on a private server? I'd like to get on one and start.

  • AstrostexAstrostex Member UncommonPosts: 38

    Any free CD keys out there, can someone send me one through a pm? 


    Looking to play some Lineage 2.

  • ZoydZoyd Member Posts: 1

    If anyone still has an unused free trial key after all this time please email me, I will probably thank you later.

    [email protected]

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