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Can you help me plz?

kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452

ok strange question gamer's..there is an up coming mmo..that is in production atm..it is fantasy based.but for the life of me i cannot remember what it is called..its not a cheapo game and i cannot remember the name but it looks stunning.could you guys possibly gimmee a list or a clue (if you have one) of what i;m talking about..its also not going to be f2p..its not GW2 or one of the new ones out this year..i am trying to find out its name to keep track of it..ty inadvance for the piss takes and any info on any games in production


  • Short-StrawShort-Straw Member Posts: 422

    Dust maybe...


  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679

    Me has guessies!

    World of Darkness



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  • kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452

    nope guys it's not any of them..ty anyways for trying.

  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Member UncommonPosts: 841

    If it looked stunning its definately Blade And Soul


    If not then:

    Tera Online



    Annnnd thats about it. Maybe you can tell us what else. Like what kind of creatures did you see, what kind of weapons, was it just humans, were the females wearing super skimpy clothes?

  • kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452

    nope not them either m8 but ty..it didnt show creatures,but around the city and differrent classes..its none of the new ones that everyone knows about this year..i,m sure it has 3 or 4 words as title..arghhhhhhhh my heads explding.

  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Member UncommonPosts: 841

    So you arent giving anymore details then? Or is this some sort of wild goose chase.

  • kevjardskevjards Member UncommonPosts: 1,452

    not a wild goose chase m8..i want to know  what it is so i can track it m8..just cannot remember the damn name

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