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Zero Tolerance

UngoHumungoUngoHumungo Member Posts: 518

Now first let me state for the record I am a big fan of this game, however, the only complaint is that there is a no tolerance policy on leaving game....now I don't make a habit of leaving games and would probably never have a complaint about this but recently i started experience electrical problems where the slightest thing will knock my power out for an hour at a time or sometimes longer, I have an electrician scheduled to come help but in the mean time my account have been banned for deserting games in which i would have liked to finish.....League of Legends, you should consider a more conservative approach to your deserter problem, otherwise you will continue to punish people for things that are out of their control

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  • AthcearAthcear Member Posts: 420

    I don't think they actually punish people unless they make a habit of quitting games.  Usually quitters are also reported for bad attitude issues as well as leaving.  People whose internet or power goes out... they usually just disappear with no warning.  It would be nice if the game could differentiate somehow, though.

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