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Hey I love anime does anyone else know some good anime?



  • HifructoseHifructose Member Posts: 308

    Originally posted by Ellianora

    All animes mentioned are good so far though a few classics have been missed like Trigun, outlaw star

    Yuuup.  You should check out Outlaw Star. I also like Serial Experiments Lain; it is only like 13 episodes i'ts really crazy though. X the series and movie are pretty cool.  Has anyone seen Gilgamesh? I want to get that. 

    Hehehehe Ranma 1/2 wow that show is um....well...wow...

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    Well I haven't watched any in a while but I used to love Battle angel and Macros.


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  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    Witch Hunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, and Last Exile are good.



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  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member Posts: 2,117

    Originally posted by rathma

    Witch Hunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, and Last Exile are good.

    *Smacks Head* OMG I forgot about Witch Hunter Robin and Last Exile. Those shows are awesome
  • Bleach, Naruto, Elfen Lied, Hellsing,Rurouni Kenshin, Ninja Scroll, Trigun!

    that all .....i think!

  • smiley123smiley123 Member UncommonPosts: 174
    can't believe you people are forgetting about sponge bob and transformers!!!image
  • HifructoseHifructose Member Posts: 308
    I don't think anyone said Beserk: Gut's rage or something like that, just look for Beserk.  I don'nt reccomend it if you really are 13 though.  But yeah even that guy with the signature that looks like Guts didn't say Beserk.
  • ShadowsunShadowsun Member Posts: 9

    Samuraii Champloo imageimage

    Paranoia Agentsimage

    Blue Seedimage

    Gundam Seedimage

    GunGrave <G4tv Anime onleashed imageimage

    Soul Takerimage

    Cowboy Bebopimage






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  • ShadowsunShadowsun Member Posts: 9
    u retards miss on a good anime... samaraii champloo is fing awesome.

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  • CaptainQCaptainQ Member Posts: 21

    Man the Bleach stuff is awsome I downloaded all 37 episodes this week and finished up the last episode at 4:00 am last night(Friday). One of the best things (and possibly the worst thing depending on the person) is that in the fights hardly ever does any the main characters have an easy time and when it looks like he's about to just finish off his opponent (because it even does flashbacks on what looks like the reason why he will win) he does't(which is why it could be the worst thing for some)making it, in my opinion more realistic.

    The site I use to download all my wonderful fansubs not just bleach is-downloadanime.org and also if you do plan on becoming a hard core fan of downloaded anime you better be ready to lose a lot of computer memory.image 

    By the way I do realize that I didn't use that great grammer or spelling for that matter and it isn't that effective but gimmie a break I did stay up past 4:00 last night I'm tired.

  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member Posts: 2,117

    Originally posted by Shadowsun
    u retards miss on a good anime... samaraii champloo is fing awesome.

    I said that


  • ReveilleReveille Member Posts: 42
    My fave (unless someone already said it) is Inu Yasha.  Then Dragonball Z/GT
  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    Originally posted by rathma
    Witch Hunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, and Last Exile are good.

    Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Samurai Champloo are all excellent. Have not seen Witch Hunter Robin & Last Exile though.
    Naruto could be better if they stop with the insane amount of flashbacks (the last big fight between 2 certain people had more flashback than fightning), making original filler is way better to slow down the story so it doesnt catch up to the manga.

  • Takai001Takai001 Member Posts: 248

    Hellsing is the best. I also enjoyed Vampire Hunter D.

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  • CarajeanCarajean Member Posts: 6

    Well of course all anime is good! I love Full Metal Alchemist, Witch Hunter Robin, Trigun, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, and Wolf’s Rain! (Ya for wolves!)  But I also enjoy, even if it is kinda embarrassing to say, Yu-Gi-Oh and (hides) Pokemon. He he, they’re just so funny.

    As for Manga, I like Chobits and Naruto, but there is just no beating Angel Sanctuary! Angel Sanctuary is just the best of anything, although very confusing (not as much as FLCL) but no one can beat the mad hatter and Micheal. *drools*<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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